Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am afraid of frogs.

Trust me, my parents live in Parit Sulong which is surrounded by plantation, vegetation, parit sungai and bugs and the sort.
Lipas I can tolerate.
In fact I dengan bangganya tolong squat while DH screams from the other room "dah ke???"

But frogs...lizards...biawak...???

There was this one time this frog masuk rumah, hop bukan kemain suka hati dia.

I left a whole kain batik lying around and jumped and speed off only to remember that it got quite chilly suddenly - No crazy ideas ok. I had boxers on ok. Petua my mom. "tidor buas, pakai la short kalo pakai kain...:P"

But Aliya & Syasya seem to be total opposites. Not of each other but of ME.

My dad screaming in the background asking for Aliya.
Apparently she has taken my mom's empty tupperware collection.
"Nanti dia kena hujan dia mati la tok..."
"Tapi kalau tutup dia macam ni...mati jugak! Katak suka hujan la"

OK. I memang nak pengsan when my dad said KATAK.

I walked into the living room at the same time saying
"You donwan to see ma..."
Before I could answer, I geligeleman satu badan and Aliya thinks its funny.

So when Syasya came along...ok, things might change. She might join my club.

YOU'LD think kan...

siap bole senyum nampak SNAKE

in my dreams la. Even seeing her tiny cute hands on that page I can feel how slimmy and creapy those R&A are...

but this is only a book. THERE IS HOPE FOLKS!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Balik Kampung

...yes again.

penat packing unpacking but a SAHM gotta do what a SAHM gotta do..

OK. I think by now most of you might understand WHY I had to quit work and be a SAHM.

DH confirmed that he's off to Segamat to send tender by hand and pergi offshore for almost a week. He's leaving by boat on the 2nd, he said it was a 18 hour journey out to open sea.

My dad only has dial-up yg macam CIPUT so this I guess is also sabatical for me from Blogging and Facebooking LOL
Rehat la kejap kan?
He doesnt blog, facebook nak wat camne kan?..only uses MAYBANK2U :P

So please accept my sincere appologies if I approve the comments a tinywinie bit late.

See you guys in a week or two...although I did write a few post and have scheduled them :)

What the....

If you want the job done right...do it yourself!
That's always my case.

That is also the current trend we see what most expecting mothers have been doing.
Although not common here in Malaysia, homebirth has become a fast growing trend.

To add to the pack, an alternative called freebirthing is fast rapidly chosen by expectant mother, typically those as a result of the negative past experiences of giving birth, either at the hospital or in a medical setting.

By the way there is this really interesting piece of "Should men be present at the birth of their babies?" from Hjh Esah at her witty blog. Check it out...I totally agree with what she suggests.

Ok da lari dari topik kejap...

Anyway, I first read about Frebirthing from Heather B Armstrong's blog posting Dooce. I've been a silent reader for quiet sometime and I kinda idolize her. She has a website that "...now supports my family". She got sack for writing about her workmates on her blog but if it brings that much income that her husband can stay at home as well...WELL...I want to do that as well.

Eh lari topik lagi...

Anyway, I googled and found some rather interesting photos and videos. I would like to embed them here but takut kang jadi 18SG plax blog ni (women giving birth in a birth pool, what do you expect kan..mesti tak cover2)...so you guys just head over to the site to see for yourself eh - view here

I memang teruja tengok that lady tak rasa sakit langsung...tapi sejak Syasya lahir dari tingkap walaupun I dah kata I nak natural birth to my body...I just do what I think is SAFE for myself and my unborn baby...that is if I get pregnant again.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

When I look at Sya...

Feels like looking at my own reflection sometimes...

But one thing I cant find myself reflecting from that RETRO photo of my mother and me....
is how neat, careful and smart my mother is.

Even cara dia bagi I makan roti....that lady got class!

Excuse my manners ma....

at how I give you beloved cucu makan roti :P (hari panaih ocaaayy....)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

All the patience in the world!

Did I tell you that my darling Syasya is a two year old stuck in a body of a 10 month old baby???

Two is a fun age no?

If not GOGGLE why they say "Terrible Two"

Please excuse the no-so-sedap-sore-makdia occay

and then this morning when DH scurried over to the same bookshelf she had overturned our books and apparently might have torn another page, she quickly gave him the piece of paper she had in her hand.

SABAR je lah kan...tapi I kecik-kecik dulu memang takut kat my bapak

Friday, June 26, 2009

You cant really say...

Today...Michael Jackson is dead at 50 and Farrah Fawcett at 62..I just wanted to note this down :)

I've received so many emails on my father's day posting that I am so touched.

I've received emails from both sides of the fence which is good. It keeps me grounded.

And I found out about this today...so my posting is not the only thing that made me cry..(I'll write more about JON & KATE PLUS 8 in another posting)

It also makes me think and brings me back to the frustrations I've had before.

I've been in all sort of situations mind you. In and out of love.

Some people are lucky, they find love in the first try and they end up spending their whole lives with that person.

I've never had that opportunity to live a fairy tale.

With every failed relationship...the next one gets more complicated.

Maybe I was irrational, in a hurry...

I've had to cry buckets of tears and end up battered and broken before I met DH.

Just like this pinyada that the kids keeps bashing up because they know there are still sweets inside...when by actual fact I have non to give.

Thats why I purely understand...that...

some people are still searching...and they are about to loose hope.
Trust me, I know how that feels...but DONT

I wish I was this person back then when I didnt loose hope.
I wish I trusted people who said "you'll meet someone better"

in which I did...miraculously!

and I know it takes time to cure a sore, battered heart. It takes a long time. But I think what makes it hurt is because we want that person to hurt to.

but you're not a saint either...I've hurt others as well.

...so after reading all the wonderful comments and email....I paused to reflect and exhale today and said to myself...

"You cant really say or label the people (in my case men) whom have hurt you incredibly in the past as bad people, but people..whom have made bad choices and decisions....after all we are only human"

and as those imagines of "men" vaporized from my memory one by one...

and so did my hurt.

...I also leave this video..its what got me to write this today ;)

Sarah McLachlan - Arms Of An Angel lyrics

Spend all your time waiting for that second chance
For the break that will make it ok
There's always some reason to feel “not good enough?
And it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction, oh beautiful release
Memories seep from my veins
They may be empty and weightless, and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

In the arms of an Angel, fly away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here

So tired of the straight line, and everywhere you turn
There's vultures and thieves at your back
The storm keeps on twisting, you keep on building the lies
That you make up for all that you lack
It don't make no difference, escaping one last time
It's easier to believe
In this sweet madness, oh this glorious sadness
That brings me to my knees

In the arms of an Angel, far away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie
In the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Esah Ju On

Walaupun rumah dah berpagar bagai untuk keselamatan...tapi ada juga yang "bolos"
Tiba-tiba muncul balik
Harap-harap tak ada orang yang akan sakit jantung tengok video clip ni..
mana-mana mak akan berasa seram kerana tak sangka jadi macam ini walapun sudah "berpagar"

Takut ke???


ngeh ngeh ngeh Tipah tertipu tak?

Itu la nama gelaran Syasya sekarang. Esah Ju On

Sebab she is so ganas now, I have to "kandang the house"
The living room la.
Terpaksa...if not setengah mati pengsan kejar dia.
Tak mo masuk crib da. Masuk sahaja dia jadi Andre Bocelli dengan diafram2 nampak tarik dalam2 lepas tu kuar la suara soprano tu.

TOO CRAMP katanya.

And only her otak geliga macam Michael Scorfield (I wrote about it before) boleh pikir benda-benda macam ni.

I put the cushion to hide the hole

Aleh-aleh otak geliga dia buang cushion and I saw this lubang

I pikir it was safe enough for me to pop to the kitchen for a drink ke apa. With huge space at least she has room to run around golek-golek suka dia...

Aleh-aleh kawan da duduk kat mini tangga (I caught her 2x doing this...macam Houdini tetiba muncul dan duduk kat mini tangga (just two steps) I cant put my head to how she does it. So yesterday I pura-pura pergi kitchen and tip toe back.

Dapat tangkap juga akhirnya!

Nak luruh jantung I....gosh.

And you know what DH said?

"Standard la...dulu I kasi satu rumah gelap takde letrik dengan projek-science-diam-diam-dok-dalam-bilik...masa I kecik"

Agaknya ini balasan dosa I dulu selalu suka bolos mak guard kuar dari UiTM kan?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gaduh Facebook Style

Sleeping late as usual. I've just finished a few touch ups on A'aesyah 10months old photos. Turn left and you can see the minuscule slide show. There is a big one of the actual photo blog itself

Still procrastinating on when to print them out for real.

The huge slide is on another blog. How ever I love to put all my works, everything there...I still think they need their own photo gallery. Like teenages they need their own space. Thats home temporarily. I dont have the ongkos for www.frozenbyfaye.com yet - tak apa la angan2 mat jenin kan?
p/s if u get sick of the country music playing in the background, scroll down & ur welcome to switch it off :P

Ok..so what to talk about today?
Tell me who's not addicted to Facebook nowdays. Ok I see alotta hands up.

I have people leaving messages on Facebook rather than texting on their mobile. Even if they do have mobile there is still what we call facebook mobile.

Oh and don't get me started on IPhones or BB ye...

DH for instance does that when he travels. Its cumbersome for him to call every hour and he can't bring the mobile into the plant. I'm sure most would know the reason for that...and am not suprise if most don't because I still see people happily speaking on their mobile at the gas station near the petrol pump.

So DH gets his "feeds" of what the kids and I am doing through facebook. It's user friendly (as long as you dont have too much applications) and you can upload photos in bulk. Very important for a guy who wants the ins and outs of his soon to be toddler daughter.

And do you notice that its not only good news that we share on Facebook?

Its like being at the labour suite of your buddies who just gave birth.

Its like going to a kenduri kawin and meeting all your cousins, auties, uncles, x-schoolmates, x-collegemates...and saying "eh da 3 orang anak kao" "la your wife satu sekolah dengan my wife ke"

Thing is...dont you feel like its kenduri kawin you attend everyday?

But its not just the good news we share that matters, how about death announcements, lost of valuable items (a recent friend of mine who is a MAC Makeup artist lost RM4000 worth of makeup brushes) and breaking up of relationships - I feel a bit "kesian" when I see a friend's status change.

Having a strong network of friends helps in time of crisis, it can even help us to live longer - thats what the scientist down under are claiming.

But again too much of a good thing can become bad. Do you know that there are people out there who are actually addicted to Facebook in a BAD way. Something we have all heard before which is net addiction.

I for one am glad there is Facebook. One reason is because of the above.

True I rarely text my brothers, only on urgent and emergency matters, but Facebook has brought them closer....and my family (i.e cousins) even closer. In fact, although I am virtually speaking to them, at least I am and I havent done so in like years (my cousin that is)

Recently, we shared old photos of our late grandparents. Some of my cousin weren't even born when they died...and one cousin in particular mentioned how she missed her parents (my loving uncle and aunt who dies just a week in between each other, they were such loving couples)

So I can see the good side of this...

But then again there are also people who spoil it rotten for all of us.

Recently a friend pointed out how people tend to misuse Facebook. Cukup la blogsphere has become a political wrestling ring, now Facebook???

Cant we keep things clean and neutral for once?? Sick...

Note : Names and faces have been hidden for privacy sake.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Confession - sila sediakan tissue

...argh hate this but I'm doing this because my current hubby is doing a great job at being dad.
And this posting should have been done way before.
But since we are still some how in the mood of father's day
and my current husband is so busy trying to "put bread on the table" for us...
I've tried to find that strength in myself to write this.

Yes you heard me right. CURRENT. My current husband.

Adakah itu bermaksud Puan QM pernah berkahwin lain sebelum ini?

SO the cat is out of the bag.
...wait. Buat apa nak malu.
DH is like an angel sent from heaven.


I am saying this on behalf of my first born daughter Aliya Maisarah.
As you have noticed, I rarely talk about her, only because she is back home with my parents...
Only because 2 years ago I was a single mom since she was 5 months old.
On my own, I had to find work to support myself and my baby.

They always say, its the kids who suffer most in a divorce.
I dont want to say anything bad about her biological dad.
She has not seen him since she was 5 months, never had a chance to even know him.

Mom always said
"Don't worry, by the time she goes to school, probably half the kids at school might have only a single parent"

That kept me going.

I give up on trying to do her justice a long time ago and I dont want to thread on muddy waters again...
Her dad has his own family (2 daughters) now so let him be happy with the life he chooses.

But her paternal grandparents (my x-FIL and MIL) still love her to bits.
(I get very queasy when I have to visit them during Hari Raya...but they came to my brother's wedding and they always visit us to see Aliya. I was the wife of their only son...THEN

So this year's father's day, I didnt want to focus on DH being a dad to Syasya. He's GREAT at that.

I wanna focus on how FABULOUS he is at being a STEP DAD to Aliya that he treats her better than I do sometimes

-I didnt wanna spoil her on her 8th birthday so I told her I couldnt find the inline skates she wanted. DH drove to 3 shopping malls before he found the perfect set. He did that behind my back.

-He comes home during the school holidays and asked Aliya what she did for the day, which homework did she do. I'm too busy minding the housework and the baby I forget.

-He reminds me not to take too many photos of Sya as it is unfair to Aliya.

-He takes her off to TESCOs, his badminton practice etc without even me forcing him to do so.

-Aliya holds on to him tanpa rasa kekok...respects him as she should respect a dad, coz he's the only dad she knows.

-He irritates her (I call it menjengkelkan) coz he loves to hear her fussing about it (which is an exact replica of what I would do as well)

-He reminds me everysingleday to remind my dad about Aliya's school transfer to Subang next year. I get annoyed when he asked me too often. Then I feel bad.

-He tells me, that am so great at being a mom to Aliya he wouldnt imagine why anyone would not want me to be their children's mom. He wishes that he could turn back time and that I never met anyone else...and that we had met each other first.

*I have to pause now to wipe my tears.

and he has only been Liya's "daddy" for 2 years...

The only person who knows about this is my friend since college and takdir because if she didnt have a friend like me, she wouldnt have thought to FIGHT for her husband back when she was in confinement.

...I told this to only the closest to me:
"I waited in that parking lot for him to come home and face my parents...to talk things over, find a solution. I sat at the curve with 2 month old Aliya...he said he was going back to his friend's apartment (he was staying since we got separated) to change his pants. He never came back...
The next morning my mom found a note underneath the door...asking them to bring me back home with them...sampai sini sahaja jodoh kami berdua..."

"He told me, mana tau satu hari nanti Tuhan nak balikkan hati I..mintak maaf kat you.."

I was young...naive...and I believed it. I never fought for my man.

My mother told me once, Aliya found some old wedding photos of me and her biological dad...she liquid papered (blanco) his face. Tergamam I kejap

So this father's day I want to tell the whole world why my DH is a GREAT FABOULOUS FATHER and husband as well.

because he is just not an ordinary DAD..

and I want to tell him why sometimes I act that way....and that I want him to have all the patience he has for me...

being hurt this way, takes a toll on your life.
It hurts you as well...I know.
You dont understand why I cant just move on...
I had 7 years of agony...and only 2 years of bliss with you..
It doesnt mean that I dont love you...

It just means..when I remember how hurt I was and I have you by my side.I feel so much better...and that tells me how much I love and will continue to love my current and insya-allah only husband I ever want until death do us part.

Ayang....HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. This is for you from us - Mama, Syasya and especially from LIYA

Monday, June 22, 2009

Love Letter

Coz of her....

I tot animals are supposed to roam FREE!

(ada ka patut suruh letak dalam bilik ikut timing opis...dia hengat kucing aku keje pejabat ke?)

p/s semalam DH balik dari beli dinner, nyonya tu tanya lagi. DH kata, I think she likes Iris and wants her for herself! (coz dia sibuk tanya kasi makan cukup tak, "u tak ada manja2 sama kucing you ka")

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Help me, I'm on Fire!

Last few days, DH macam cacing kepanasan. Some may have already known the reason behind this.

Since he never like some of the stuff I drink (herbal teas and stuff) we - me and Liya - decided to test a theory.

We drank my boiled instant Lo Han Kuo I had in the fridge. Its really easy to prepare and I've blogged about it before.

Liya and me took a few glasses - one after dinner and one before bedtime. When Liya woke up in the middle of the night, I gave her the same as well as she complaint she was coming down with sore throat. I dont blame her, that girl is slightly asthmatic and weather like this is hazardous even in a small friction to her.

So when DH woke up the next morning saying he was like "cacing kepanasan", I told him....we had a secret.

Before we reveal the secret, we asked if he had observed any of us having a sleepless night.

"You guys sleep like a baby lah! Tak panas ke?????"

And sure enough our little experiment got him to buy 2 more packets from the Chinese Medicine Shop LOL

Well...for the benefit of my readers, I'll just share some of the other alternative methods to relief heat especially if you have sore throat or fever.

...trust me - 10 years ago my ENT doc said I should take my tonsils out. But I learnt a valuable lesson from the Chinese Medicine Man that all I need to take care is that my body doesn't heat up.

Main cause of inner body heat (which is what you need to reduce when you have sore throat, tonsillitis etc):
weather (raising temperatures)
high intake of salt
hot spices
fried foods
sour cream
fermented foods
too much drinking cold drinks or eating cold deserts like ice cream

...so if you are on the brink of coming down with flu, sore throat, cough or just plain heaty..then avoid taking those until you recover. Kena pantang kalau nak cepat baik you know...sometimes to much pain killers, cough mixture and such pun tak baik.

So here is my top 7 favourite Remedies to Relieve Heat:

Remedy #1 - Lotus

Lotus Root Soup
I had Lotus Root Soup at The Chicken Rice Shop once and loved it.
You can read Mie's version of lotus root soup here since it uses chicken. She also list out the medicinal benefits of Lotus Root as well.

Apparently Dried Lotus Seed Soup also helps to cool the body in warm weather. Read more here

Remedy #2 - Haw Juice

Remember this?

Haw Flakes
photos from www.junkyardclubhouse.com

Haw Juice comes from the exact same ingredient as Haw Flakes.

It is made from the Hawthorne Berries

photos from http://www.cantelow.com

My mother always packs for me a bottle of Si Manis CNI Haw Juice just in case I would suffer from tonsillitis. Percaya tak, I've been tonsillitis free for nearly 10 years now since drinking this. My ENT specialist said I had to take them out but when my mom asked her friend for advice, she recommended us this product. The retail price is RM13.00 from CNI.

And haw berries are also made into other stuff as well which I found from reading this (bukan kek lapis sarawak sahaja eh)

Remedy #3 - Lo Han Kuo

As I mentioned, I blogged about this a few months back. So you can trail back here for the info

Remedy #4 - Air Kelapa Muda
I think most of us tau khasiat air kelapa muda - you can read more here .

photos from http://aishahkoop.asasian.net

Remedy #5 - Barley

Found a great recipe here

Remedy #6 - Air Badak

Air Cap Tiga Kaki or Three Legs Cooling Water is commonly known as Air Badak because of the photo of the famous badak on its Label.

This is a tradtional Chinese health drink. Three Legs Cooling Water/Body Coolant is an over 60-year-old brand consumed by millions of people in South East Asia.

Three Legs Cooling Water/Body Coolant is made of purified water and Gypsum Fibrosum (Shi Gao, a Chinese natural ingredient) that is very effective in reducing body heatiness. Three Legs Cooling Water/Body Coolant is manufactured under the internationally recognised GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) standards.


Relieves heat stroke
Relieves constipation caused by body heat
Good bye to pimples and acne caused by body heat
Forget mouth ulcers caused due to body heat
No more headaches due to body heat
Relieves burning sensation caused due to body heat
Ideal for body heat caused by pungent/spicy food

How much to take?
Adults : 1 bottles each time, 4 times daily.
Children : 8 - 12 years old - 1/2 bottle each time, 4 times daily.
4 - 7 years old - 1/3 bottle each time, 4 times daily.

Where to get?
Trust me...7 Eleven also got (pada siapa yang tengah2 malam buta hangat pijo kata orang Perak he he he)

Coz now ada new packaging

Info from http://www.wenken.com/info/Products-CW.htm

Remedy #7 - Wong Lo Kat Herbal Drink

The origin of Chinese Herbal Drink dating from the Qing Dynasty, made from selected herbal ingredients using advanced scientific technique based on traditional recipe.

Currently retailing at MYR 2.20 at most supermarkets, mini markets and groceries stores in Malaysia.

*This is a famous herbal tea that can help to clear excessive heat and toxic from the body, clear body dampness and relieve discomfort associated with cold, fever, sore throat, indigestion and excessive thirst.

info and photos from www.mightysweet.com

Anyone wanna add to the list? Sharing is caring you know...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Geget kang!

I notice something today when I was changing Syasya the other day.

Yes she is officially 10 months old today BUT...

No...I'm not at all concerned about the double chin...thats a sign of posperity!

But look carefully...gigi tikus sudah tumbuh YIKES

No wonder it came to this...RIP kipas. Same case like FoxyFarah's son.

But what ever it is, my girl is on schedule ;)