Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sweet Cravings

I always hated the Malay version of Leng Chee Kang sold at the bazaar during ramadhan. It taste funny and sometimes a bit tad too sweet for my palate. The sweetness also gives me this throat soreness kinda feeling and of course white refined sugar gives wind, so rock sugar or brown sugar is the best.

I miss the Leng Chee Kang we had as a family in this chinese food court but halal in Canning Garden Ipoh called Restoran New Hollywood.


"Today, 30 years later, close to 80 per cent of those who patronise Chan’s Restoran New Hollywood in Canning Garden are Muslim" - read more here Halal move pays off for Chan

One of the ingredients of Leng Chee Kang the chinese medicinal version is made up of Lor Hon Kor, which most of us non-chinese do not know is actually a natural sweetener. This agent called Mogroside is derived from the Lo Han Kuo Fruit which is usually dried.

The natural sweetening agent called Mogroside is derived from the Lo
Han Kuo Fruit and is processed into a fine powder. The Extracts are
easily soluble in water without any sediment. The Extracts contain 80%
or greater Mogroside. Mogroside is 300 times sweeter than cane sugar
and is low in calories. It is a stable, non-fermentable extract which is ideal for
Diabetics. -

My sweet cravings are often best cured by this infusion. Besides has a natural sweet taste with no sugar or calories which is also good for weight loss as well.


The people of the Orient call this the “longevity fruit” because it is a moist
(lung/skin), cooling, calming, relaxing herb that balances the excess yang
(heat) and stress that result from the tension associated with life’s problems.
It has been used for thousands of years for moistening the lungs and skin,
helping sore throats, healing coughs, purifying the blood, and regulating the
digestive tract. It helps in eliminating constipation. To tone the digestion,
begin each day with this extraordinary sweet tonic. Magic Fruit makes a
delicious after dinner tea.

Use For: Colitis, Constipation, Coughs,
Diabetes, Diarrhea, Digestion, Hypoglycemia, Longevity, Sore Throat, Stress,
Sweet Cravings, Weight Loss -

I'm lucky to meet this really young Leng-Shai who set ups a small kiosk at the Pandai Indah morning market near LRT Pandan Indah. He introduce me to the 4 in 1 Lo Han Kuo with candied wintermelon & longan. Very easy to prepare and only takes 5 minutes. However I like it better with snow fungus and lotus seeds.


The lotus seed need to be soaked coz you have to split it in two and take out the green bits which is very bitter.


I usually double boil them with a bit of water first to soften before I add them to the Lo Han Kuo Infusion.


So there you go, some healthy goodness to keep the sugar cravings away...


  1. It's very hot here in JB... sedapnyeee kalu dapat semangkuk 2... This is even more tempting than the other entry...

  2. Kikuri : Memang itu tujuannya :) Ya its hot and this really helps.

  3. Selalu patronize Hollywood on weekends kat Ipoh ni..tapi tak pernah try pon. Sedap eih?

    Ok...this wekend kena try la ni!