Friday, January 09, 2009

My First Day at Physio - A Year Ago

This was published on: May 17, 2007 at my old blog, I'm still having back pains but this does bring back memories>

I had my first session of physiotherapy today for my PID. I must say I was nervous as heck. Darling hubby left for Kuantan at 5.30am so I had to take the ever faithful LRT STAR to Titiwangsa and then proceeding to the Monorail where I get of at Chow Kit and take a 10 minute walk to GH.

After registering, I was referred to the electro room.

As I sat in the waiting room I observed the people around me. Most were old and I think I was considered young. I read all the “words of advice” pasted on the wall and in turn took off all my jewelry and anything metal I had on. When you don’t know what to expect, your mind kinda exaggerates them a bit…am I going to be electrocuted?

I am however impressed with the Physiotherapist Siti. I think she was a Physiotherapist version of Siti Nurhaliza; sweet & gentle.

I did a short survey on what kind of pain I was under. Siti said this survey is done every time I attend physiotherapy.

She told a hold of my back and told me it was hot. That meant that there were parts of my spine that were inflamed (malay say bengkak). She proceeded to place a cold pack for a good 20 minutes.

Next I underwent TENs - transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

TENS uses gel-covered pads attached to a box from which a current is emitted. The pads are placed over the painful area. The current can be high or low frequency and its strength can also be altered using dials. If TENS does work for a patient then they often find that the longer it is used the greater the effect (at least 2 hours each day –

Siti then thought me some back stabilizing and back extension exercises.

Next was the traction machine. To my surprise it was different from the one I had experience in 1996 at Hospital Fatimah. But the sensation was ultimately someone purposely stretching your whole body. I was given the on/off chord of the machine by Siti, just in case it was too much too handle.

I have another appointment next Thursday again…and because I have been able to sit without pain nearly the whole entire day today, (enjoyed 2 delicous Mangoes - RM6 for 2 kilos at Chow Kit, a bargain rite?) I am really looking forward to my next visit…and to see Siti again of course!


  1. If you don't mind me asking, what actually happened to you?

  2. My Dear Sis Kikuri :
    Its a long story...maybe I should post what happened in the beginning. I'll do that ok! Tunggu!!!

  3. Your Majesty, (sebab u Queen Mother)

    I hope u are well..good luck with the physio sessions..

    Visiting your blog is like a revelation to me as I came across a link to Malaysia Homeschool Family. I have been thinking of homeschooling my kids..I will pay the blog a visit, tq so much!

  4. Ida : LOL..only my husband calls me that..

    I've been thinking as well...but again wishyful thinking kan? Good luck then!..might motivate me to try it as well..