Saturday, January 10, 2009

Youngest Baby Model & RM6.50 Lunch

If not for a friend I would have just pass on the idea of sending my youngest to the casting office.

But then if you dont try, you wouldn't know right?

The interview went extremely well and the talent scout said that we have a one year contract. Not bad. But she did say that if there is a JOB there is a JOB. But hey, we're not that hard up on JOBS but more of doing this for fun.

...there was this guy, who looked like he just popped over from the 80s rock era - seriously...with long hair and all, (u can see him sitting behind us in a corner there) very very eager to be casted (keep asking the scout if its his turn yet or not)...DH said, hey who knows...he's MIGHT be the next Nasir Bilal Khan and had a smirk on his face.

Some people are so highly confident kan?

Anyways...mommy is too tired to cook and decided to hope over to the kedai to just buy lauk. But at RM6.50 (ikan bawal masak sambal, kuah asam pedas, daging masak kicap) and the price of stuff rising...who's complaining? I did however cooked rice (Cap Rambutan Siam Super a Gift from Dad coz there was extra from the last kenduri), made sambal belacan and telur dadar. We did Nasi Kandar style Bendi or Ocra coz DH likes them just plain like that. Orang Penang la katakan...

When I was doing this, my mind was racing...why slave myself a whole day at the kitchen when things can be simpler. We know..let a more simple life and stop wastage. I see this akak at the grocer when I popped in to buy some eggs today and she bought 2 medium size fish for RM14.00. Cheezzss..tu belum masak tu.

But this is not always me la...I do slave sometimes to cook something really really good for DH or when we have people come over. I think you need to put your heart in your cooking and not force yourself or wont come out nice.

Like my nenek used to say : "Smile during cake baking...nanti kek bantat"

So true....just look at the telur dadar I was made with love..colorful and tasty right?

From Left Top - Daging Masak Kicap, Telur Dadar, Bendi Rebus, Kuah Asam Pedas
From Left Bottom - Sambal Belacan (I simply wuv the from Mama..thanks MA!) & Bawal Masak Sambal

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  1. aduh!! u buat i lapar la tgk gmbr lauk2 tu...the sambal belacan yg killing me softly memalam ni..aduh mau mimpi i mlm ni...

    well, i like to cook..yelah dah nama pun penunggu rumah tangga kan..but i think it is important as we masak sendiri to our tua2 kata air tangan mengeratkan lagi hubungan...sth like that lah..but sometimes...i know how sometimes we just hate the kitchen kan...and also bila kita masak, at least xde la letak ajinomoto sesenduk, reput usus perut jadinya haha..nice blog u have here...