Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sarapan Apa Kita Pagi Ni? - The Big English Breakfast

Dh gi Singapore today for 2 days course. He cant wiggle out at all coz apparently the trainer is all the way from down under. Not that I'm having a ball or anything but worried sick about how to handle Sya with my bad back. Besides it would be insanely wrong for me not to send her to the sitter. I pay good money, 450, the same rate one pays for a maid. And the bad back does not permit me to

Yes, DH gave me a full set of dos and donts the night before -
  • Do ask the pak guard to carry the stroller down for u.
  • Do call Dyana(the sitter) is u dont feel strong enuf to carry Sya or stroll her to D's house
    etc etc
And also dictating me..

DH: Remember she'll wa-
Me: Yang, I had her all to myself for 2 months during confinement...(Presponse)
DH: -ke up 2x...(silence)
Me: macam la I ni bukan mama dia
DH smiles and then says : No...I just want her to be back is still not ok.

Cant beat the Da-Di's gals syndrome kan?

8.46am and called DH, he was already in Singapore and the house is awfully quiet. FYI Liya is schooling with my parents in Johor so thank goodness, tak kelam kabut la sangat.

I had a good chat with BFF Yana last nite and told her that am not the slackitude kinda mom alwiz hafta be out n about (maybe coz I spent half of my life having back pains due to a prop lased disc). She offered to pick me up for some good ol' cheering but I told her I'm in no shape to go anywhere. Even the trip to my sitter's house today left me bed ridden. Nasib baik ada lappy to just blog hop,

I also miss my mom badly when I'm sick, so to cuddle virtually myself to her I'm reminiscing on how she would make her version of the Big English Breakfast we all had when we lived in Brighton minus the Black Pudding.


Mom Cooking in our Kitchen in Brighton, Sussex

Now looking back on some random photos I took before, there was one of my version.

So what is the Big English Breakfast?

"But regardless of where you are in the UK, at the heart of this fantastic breakfast you'll pretty much always find bacon, eggs and sausages" - Julia, A Slice of Cerry Pie

When I first married DH, he flipped out when I mentioned bacon. I had to casually correct myself by saying BEEF bacon. He wasnt too keen on having bake beans either or cornflakes for breakfast. But he after a while he got used to the idea. Aliya lives on cornflakes and fresh milk (she has a cute name for it, susu sejuk)

Coming back to Malaysia, there were plenty to chow-down on, back then UK mana ada halal beef bacon or salami or even fillet Mignon's kan? So my mom's version of the big breaksast didnt have any beef bacon strips.

Anyway, the eggs are usually sunny side up, runny so you can nicely dip your toast or sausage in them. I like them semi runny. (Note: my mama must have her eggs runny :))



There is also golden stir-fried onions instead of mushroom. Fresh tomatoes and bake beans of course is a must, but I've added bread & butter cuts of cucumbers as you can see here top right.

Usually I wanted something sweet n sour, so I added coleslaw cream on top of the tomatoes. With any big breakfast one must have HP sauce, we are trying barbecue but not the same la.



And dont forget toast as well as tea or coffee. I didnt have English Breakfast, but Jasmine plain no sugar is perfect with something greasy.



So there we have it, my version learnt from my mom of the Big English Breakfast.



Sekarang ni since I am not well untuk masak, I'm just having instant bubur from Nature's Own which is equally delicious and yummy.


Before I go, as usual - Sarapan Apa kite pagi ni?

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  1. OMG!!!!! This is sooooooooooo tempting! Oh, well, there goes my diet...