Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Of ERs and Diazepam...O What A Morning

Writing this was a pain...literally.

My body frooze spasmodically this morning, I blame the wreched Serai Wangi lemony smelling AJAX fabuloso & my quest for perfect shinny clean tiles (which I am sure most have read in previous post). I kinda slip...fell right on my butt, macam nangka busuk and pretended to DH I never did.

Er erk..WRONG! Me trying to be a smart-ass and told DH I had a perfectly fine day without him. So very frontin of me to do so.

It was an accident waiting to happen. You membebel at your kids for leaving the toys around..or whatever (I nag only becoz my mate Nicole said she fell and sat butt first on her kids bottle once), but I do it too. Sometimes...not all the time. Yes guilty as charged

I left a spot and took time off. Somehow pregnancy and labour (was it jonesing on epidural and saline maybe during my last C-Section) has left me a few brains cell count less, that I totally forgot about it and a quick dash to the kitchen got me landing on ma butt.

Its kinda weird sometimes that I picture these things about to happen, like in my head I would see my doppelganger and go "what if..." and they miraclously DO.

BTW DH hates it when I do that, because he knows my 6 sense gutt feeling somehow finds its way and crawl out of my little place of imaginary things and co-exist itself...like when we go somewhere and I say..."depa tak dak kat rumah kut?" and we turn up and no one is home.

He gets phobic when it comes to falls like that, only because I have an 8 inch scar to prove it.

Yes...I have an 8inch scar on my back to flaunt instead of those rave tatooes babes get these days, not that I can get one if I wanted to like my ultra-glam-cool friend and once co-worker Valerie. My religion dictates (which I think highly ev) that we should never harm our body in any way. I've had my fair share of days when I was SOOOOO immature and naive (as if??), I had piercings because I was addicted to pain (only on my frontal region of my head okay..duh ur....not THERE like some might assume)

So off we head to the emergency ward after sending Sya to the sitter. I was snugging with her this morning and she kinda had this mommy-i-wuv-u-so much ingratiatingly creepy look in her eyes - that made matters worst coz I was afraid I might be warded and GOD knows how much I'll miss my kids if I do.

But be it anywhere, dont you just hate it when they place u into pre-defined sections of emergenciness - critical, semi or non? There is unmistakenly some truth in the saying THAT some emergency practioners are just being plain saddist, like to watch people scream or squim in pain...because somehow you fall into semi critical or worst non critical at all.

I dont think it matters even if you're predefined as critical either...if not you wont hear those horror stories in the papers of emergency wards now do you? There is so much static in the Malaysian Hospitals and I KNOW they try to make it easy, but its not.

So am sitting there in the car, gutt wrenching my fist to ease the pain in my hips while the medical tech has a small chat with DH to access how much emergency treatment I require (he even had a small tick the box green note as reference to access..chezzz). 10 minutes of the longest time of my life passed and a wheelchair was bought to me. FINALLY

We were quite lucky it wasnt those awfully crowded ER like the ones they have downtown. I had a "healthy" lookin George O'Malley version instead of a McDreamy who was all but rolly polly o.

We did a pregnancy test that caused unessary excitement in DH (we are NOT trying another YET mine you) but I was impressed becoz most George-O'Malley-version-instead-of-a-McDreamy would never do. Note to ladies out there :If you ever need an xray done, do ask for a pregnancy test just in case...

So DH wheeled me to Radiology and he felt inspired at the Grey Anatomy's decor (becoz we were in Malaysia and it was AWFULLY quiet to be an ER). The life support machine, the beds..the curtains

It wasn't long before I was placed in ackwardly uncomfortable positions when they decided to have RADIOLOGY 101 for some pre-meds.

Anyway, this makcik was fine (one of the unis actually called me a makcik but I was in too much pain to argue that am not even 40 yet...I was in my jammies and any head coverings I could grab to even notice if there were any wardrobe malfunction that might have made them assume that so I dont blame them) Its not everyday u become bahan ujikaji kan?

Again, we were impressed that we didnt have to carry and tayang our x-rays around when we got back to George-O'Malley-version-instead-of-a-McDreamy who poshly tayang the x-ray on his flat screen computer monitor which was OTT (the hospital has LAN) and fortunately this time around my spine was not crooked like in 07 when I ended up with 6 months of physio. Thank goodness for that. - Later DH said, "xray tu clear gile dlm digital format la"

Pharmacy was pretty quick but lack off knowledge again caused a stir of unessary excitement in DH when the pharmacist told him UBAT TIDOR was to be taken once a day.

Leng-Chai pharmacist : Puan ada masalah tidor ke?

Me : No

Leng-Chai pharmacist : *make puzzled and donno heck look on face

Me : Mungkin saya dalam kesakitan yang amat sangat, susah tidor jadi doktor prescribed untuk senangkan saya

Leng-Chai pharmacist : Oh ok la...
(wow he trusted me with DIAZEPAM a.k.a VALIUM very very dangerous ooo Leng-Chai - I guess it was VALIUM coz it was little blue pills...these babies are mean)

I googled just to be sure and felt safe when i saw "Diazepam may also be used to...relieve certain types of muscle spasms"

Well so much for clean white tiles...and on another note thats the last of that Lemon AJAX, am getting Apple or Lavender the next time so it doesnt HURT that much.

Doc gave me 3 days rest so its a blessing in disguise - thats what my BFF said. Muaxs Yana.

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