Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am afraid of frogs.

Trust me, my parents live in Parit Sulong which is surrounded by plantation, vegetation, parit sungai and bugs and the sort.
Lipas I can tolerate.
In fact I dengan bangganya tolong squat while DH screams from the other room "dah ke???"

But frogs...lizards...biawak...???

There was this one time this frog masuk rumah, hop bukan kemain suka hati dia.

I left a whole kain batik lying around and jumped and speed off only to remember that it got quite chilly suddenly - No crazy ideas ok. I had boxers on ok. Petua my mom. "tidor buas, pakai la short kalo pakai kain...:P"

But Aliya & Syasya seem to be total opposites. Not of each other but of ME.

My dad screaming in the background asking for Aliya.
Apparently she has taken my mom's empty tupperware collection.
"Nanti dia kena hujan dia mati la tok..."
"Tapi kalau tutup dia macam ni...mati jugak! Katak suka hujan la"

OK. I memang nak pengsan when my dad said KATAK.

I walked into the living room at the same time saying
"You donwan to see ma..."
Before I could answer, I geligeleman satu badan and Aliya thinks its funny.

So when Syasya came along...ok, things might change. She might join my club.

YOU'LD think kan...

siap bole senyum nampak SNAKE

in my dreams la. Even seeing her tiny cute hands on that page I can feel how slimmy and creapy those R&A are...

but this is only a book. THERE IS HOPE FOLKS!


  1. hi.i think you added me dalam facebook haritu. just swapping links. cool photos of your babies. i hereby add you to my bloglist.

  2. Lisha : thanks for stopping by and thanks for adding me as well...same here..have added you to my bloglist as well ;)