Monday, June 29, 2009

Balik Kampung

...yes again.

penat packing unpacking but a SAHM gotta do what a SAHM gotta do..

OK. I think by now most of you might understand WHY I had to quit work and be a SAHM.

DH confirmed that he's off to Segamat to send tender by hand and pergi offshore for almost a week. He's leaving by boat on the 2nd, he said it was a 18 hour journey out to open sea.

My dad only has dial-up yg macam CIPUT so this I guess is also sabatical for me from Blogging and Facebooking LOL
Rehat la kejap kan?
He doesnt blog, facebook nak wat camne kan?..only uses MAYBANK2U :P

So please accept my sincere appologies if I approve the comments a tinywinie bit late.

See you guys in a week or two...although I did write a few post and have scheduled them :)


  1. farah,

    dasyat la keja DH you kan...nasib baik pak usop diver pencen..if not, i pun jd mcm tu..angkut sana angkut sini haha

  2. Lyana : pak usop la engineer pencen ka??? laa...
    I live a crazy life now..what can I do!?

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