Monday, June 29, 2009

What the....

If you want the job done it yourself!
That's always my case.

That is also the current trend we see what most expecting mothers have been doing.
Although not common here in Malaysia, homebirth has become a fast growing trend.

To add to the pack, an alternative called freebirthing is fast rapidly chosen by expectant mother, typically those as a result of the negative past experiences of giving birth, either at the hospital or in a medical setting.

By the way there is this really interesting piece of "Should men be present at the birth of their babies?" from Hjh Esah at her witty blog. Check it out...I totally agree with what she suggests.

Ok da lari dari topik kejap...

Anyway, I first read about Frebirthing from Heather B Armstrong's blog posting Dooce. I've been a silent reader for quiet sometime and I kinda idolize her. She has a website that " supports my family". She got sack for writing about her workmates on her blog but if it brings that much income that her husband can stay at home as well...WELL...I want to do that as well.

Eh lari topik lagi...

Anyway, I googled and found some rather interesting photos and videos. I would like to embed them here but takut kang jadi 18SG plax blog ni (women giving birth in a birth pool, what do you expect kan..mesti tak cover2) you guys just head over to the site to see for yourself eh - view here

I memang teruja tengok that lady tak rasa sakit langsung...tapi sejak Syasya lahir dari tingkap walaupun I dah kata I nak natural birth to my body...I just do what I think is SAFE for myself and my unborn baby...that is if I get pregnant again.

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