Saturday, June 20, 2009

Geget kang!

I notice something today when I was changing Syasya the other day.

Yes she is officially 10 months old today BUT...

No...I'm not at all concerned about the double chin...thats a sign of posperity!

But look carefully...gigi tikus sudah tumbuh YIKES

No wonder it came to this...RIP kipas. Same case like FoxyFarah's son.

But what ever it is, my girl is on schedule ;)


  1. nabella gigi atas tumbuh dulu..skrg gigi rusak dahh...bahana kakak nya jd idola mkn gula..gerammm...gefrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Wahhh.. Ganasnya..

    Gigi Ian baru kuar 2 jer.. Tu pun ala2 malu kucing.. Cam nak tak nak jer tunjukkan diri.. :P

  3. Sya : he he he biasa tu

    Jiey : Walau apa pun Ian tetap hencem :)


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