Sunday, June 21, 2009

Help me, I'm on Fire!

Last few days, DH macam cacing kepanasan. Some may have already known the reason behind this.

Since he never like some of the stuff I drink (herbal teas and stuff) we - me and Liya - decided to test a theory.

We drank my boiled instant Lo Han Kuo I had in the fridge. Its really easy to prepare and I've blogged about it before.

Liya and me took a few glasses - one after dinner and one before bedtime. When Liya woke up in the middle of the night, I gave her the same as well as she complaint she was coming down with sore throat. I dont blame her, that girl is slightly asthmatic and weather like this is hazardous even in a small friction to her.

So when DH woke up the next morning saying he was like "cacing kepanasan", I told him....we had a secret.

Before we reveal the secret, we asked if he had observed any of us having a sleepless night.

"You guys sleep like a baby lah! Tak panas ke?????"

And sure enough our little experiment got him to buy 2 more packets from the Chinese Medicine Shop LOL

Well...for the benefit of my readers, I'll just share some of the other alternative methods to relief heat especially if you have sore throat or fever. me - 10 years ago my ENT doc said I should take my tonsils out. But I learnt a valuable lesson from the Chinese Medicine Man that all I need to take care is that my body doesn't heat up.

Main cause of inner body heat (which is what you need to reduce when you have sore throat, tonsillitis etc):
weather (raising temperatures)
high intake of salt
hot spices
fried foods
sour cream
fermented foods
too much drinking cold drinks or eating cold deserts like ice cream if you are on the brink of coming down with flu, sore throat, cough or just plain heaty..then avoid taking those until you recover. Kena pantang kalau nak cepat baik you know...sometimes to much pain killers, cough mixture and such pun tak baik.

So here is my top 7 favourite Remedies to Relieve Heat:

Remedy #1 - Lotus

Lotus Root Soup
I had Lotus Root Soup at The Chicken Rice Shop once and loved it.
You can read Mie's version of lotus root soup here since it uses chicken. She also list out the medicinal benefits of Lotus Root as well.

Apparently Dried Lotus Seed Soup also helps to cool the body in warm weather. Read more here

Remedy #2 - Haw Juice

Remember this?

Haw Flakes
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Haw Juice comes from the exact same ingredient as Haw Flakes.

It is made from the Hawthorne Berries

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My mother always packs for me a bottle of Si Manis CNI Haw Juice just in case I would suffer from tonsillitis. Percaya tak, I've been tonsillitis free for nearly 10 years now since drinking this. My ENT specialist said I had to take them out but when my mom asked her friend for advice, she recommended us this product. The retail price is RM13.00 from CNI.

And haw berries are also made into other stuff as well which I found from reading this (bukan kek lapis sarawak sahaja eh)

Remedy #3 - Lo Han Kuo

As I mentioned, I blogged about this a few months back. So you can trail back here for the info

Remedy #4 - Air Kelapa Muda
I think most of us tau khasiat air kelapa muda - you can read more here .

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Remedy #5 - Barley

Found a great recipe here

Remedy #6 - Air Badak

Air Cap Tiga Kaki or Three Legs Cooling Water is commonly known as Air Badak because of the photo of the famous badak on its Label.

This is a tradtional Chinese health drink. Three Legs Cooling Water/Body Coolant is an over 60-year-old brand consumed by millions of people in South East Asia.

Three Legs Cooling Water/Body Coolant is made of purified water and Gypsum Fibrosum (Shi Gao, a Chinese natural ingredient) that is very effective in reducing body heatiness. Three Legs Cooling Water/Body Coolant is manufactured under the internationally recognised GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) standards.


Relieves heat stroke
Relieves constipation caused by body heat
Good bye to pimples and acne caused by body heat
Forget mouth ulcers caused due to body heat
No more headaches due to body heat
Relieves burning sensation caused due to body heat
Ideal for body heat caused by pungent/spicy food

How much to take?
Adults : 1 bottles each time, 4 times daily.
Children : 8 - 12 years old - 1/2 bottle each time, 4 times daily.
4 - 7 years old - 1/3 bottle each time, 4 times daily.

Where to get?
Trust me...7 Eleven also got (pada siapa yang tengah2 malam buta hangat pijo kata orang Perak he he he)

Coz now ada new packaging

Info from

Remedy #7 - Wong Lo Kat Herbal Drink

The origin of Chinese Herbal Drink dating from the Qing Dynasty, made from selected herbal ingredients using advanced scientific technique based on traditional recipe.

Currently retailing at MYR 2.20 at most supermarkets, mini markets and groceries stores in Malaysia.

*This is a famous herbal tea that can help to clear excessive heat and toxic from the body, clear body dampness and relieve discomfort associated with cold, fever, sore throat, indigestion and excessive thirst.

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Anyone wanna add to the list? Sharing is caring you know...


  1. u know what kak, i already tried jamie lotus root soup few days ago.. its works... feel more comfortable and tido sampai tk sedar

    muahhaaaahaa sebab abih 2 mangkuk besar...

  2. high intake of MSG also can cause internal body heat...

    other remedy...dilute 1 tsb apple cider vinegar with honey and cold water... ni petua martha steward..

  3. enyusnizar : "dilute 1 tsb apple cider vinegar with honey and cold water" sound delicious!! Thanks for sharing