Saturday, June 27, 2009

All the patience in the world!

Did I tell you that my darling Syasya is a two year old stuck in a body of a 10 month old baby???

Two is a fun age no?

If not GOGGLE why they say "Terrible Two"

Please excuse the no-so-sedap-sore-makdia occay

and then this morning when DH scurried over to the same bookshelf she had overturned our books and apparently might have torn another page, she quickly gave him the piece of paper she had in her hand.

SABAR je lah kan...tapi I kecik-kecik dulu memang takut kat my bapak

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  1. lembutnya suara qm...boleh jadik suara latar iklan susu babyla..suara u 19 kali lembut dr suara i..wakakakaka