Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gaduh Facebook Style

Sleeping late as usual. I've just finished a few touch ups on A'aesyah 10months old photos. Turn left and you can see the minuscule slide show. There is a big one of the actual photo blog itself

Still procrastinating on when to print them out for real.

The huge slide is on another blog. How ever I love to put all my works, everything there...I still think they need their own photo gallery. Like teenages they need their own space. Thats home temporarily. I dont have the ongkos for yet - tak apa la angan2 mat jenin kan?
p/s if u get sick of the country music playing in the background, scroll down & ur welcome to switch it off :P what to talk about today?
Tell me who's not addicted to Facebook nowdays. Ok I see alotta hands up.

I have people leaving messages on Facebook rather than texting on their mobile. Even if they do have mobile there is still what we call facebook mobile.

Oh and don't get me started on IPhones or BB ye...

DH for instance does that when he travels. Its cumbersome for him to call every hour and he can't bring the mobile into the plant. I'm sure most would know the reason for that...and am not suprise if most don't because I still see people happily speaking on their mobile at the gas station near the petrol pump.

So DH gets his "feeds" of what the kids and I am doing through facebook. It's user friendly (as long as you dont have too much applications) and you can upload photos in bulk. Very important for a guy who wants the ins and outs of his soon to be toddler daughter.

And do you notice that its not only good news that we share on Facebook?

Its like being at the labour suite of your buddies who just gave birth.

Its like going to a kenduri kawin and meeting all your cousins, auties, uncles, x-schoolmates, x-collegemates...and saying "eh da 3 orang anak kao" "la your wife satu sekolah dengan my wife ke"

Thing is...dont you feel like its kenduri kawin you attend everyday?

But its not just the good news we share that matters, how about death announcements, lost of valuable items (a recent friend of mine who is a MAC Makeup artist lost RM4000 worth of makeup brushes) and breaking up of relationships - I feel a bit "kesian" when I see a friend's status change.

Having a strong network of friends helps in time of crisis, it can even help us to live longer - thats what the scientist down under are claiming.

But again too much of a good thing can become bad. Do you know that there are people out there who are actually addicted to Facebook in a BAD way. Something we have all heard before which is net addiction.

I for one am glad there is Facebook. One reason is because of the above.

True I rarely text my brothers, only on urgent and emergency matters, but Facebook has brought them closer....and my family (i.e cousins) even closer. In fact, although I am virtually speaking to them, at least I am and I havent done so in like years (my cousin that is)

Recently, we shared old photos of our late grandparents. Some of my cousin weren't even born when they died...and one cousin in particular mentioned how she missed her parents (my loving uncle and aunt who dies just a week in between each other, they were such loving couples)

So I can see the good side of this...

But then again there are also people who spoil it rotten for all of us.

Recently a friend pointed out how people tend to misuse Facebook. Cukup la blogsphere has become a political wrestling ring, now Facebook???

Cant we keep things clean and neutral for once?? Sick...

Note : Names and faces have been hidden for privacy sake.

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