Monday, August 24, 2009


Would love to chat more but I am up to my nose right now with so many stuff to do.
  • My parents are here until 31 August 2009 so I have to play tourist guide :P
  • Ramadhan - lots and lots of stuff to cook *yeay!* Tarawih Prayers and Tadarus.
Good news. The reason my Dad is taking time off from all that farming is because he has to brush up on his surah-surah. He is training as an Imam right now since the current one we have at the mosque in my home village is old and often feels not well...Alhamdulillah the house is constantly blessed with my Dad's continuous reading of the Al-Quran and trying to make sure his reading is correct.

All muslim knows how heavy is the responsibility an Imam holds. Its not something anyone can do and my Dad is finally brave enough to take on the position (I think he deserves it)

and that also means I have to be extra diligent in my ibadah from now onwards. The "Anak Pak Imam" always sets a good example for the rest of the village as well and its a responsibility one should take seriously...amin.

Have a great Ramadhan ahead!
although I'm sad since I am on ABC (Allah Bagi Cuti) for the first sahur and iftar :(

p/s sewing tutorial will continue next week am afraid. I do apologize for the inconvenience

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lahirnya A'aesyah Marissa ke Dunia

A year ago...
Malam sebelumnya
Abah "Abah kena balik ni. Mesyuarat Jawantankuasa surau tak boleh la nak tinggal. Apa-apa hal telefon ye"
QM "Ok...bye Abah" *salam tangan abah

Around after Midnight...
DH "Kenapa tak tidur lagi?"
QM "Takut" *DH peluk QM

My Mama "Ish...buat apa lagi tu?"
QM "Breakfast. Sandwich sardine"
My Mama "Macam laaaaa Mama tak boleh buat sendiri"

Aliya "Nak ikut"
QM "Tak boleh Sayang..Nanti bila adik da keluar...Daddy bawak Liya ok."
Aliya "Promise?"
QM "Promise!" *cium dahi Aliya

Around 8.30am
OBYGN " signs yet"
QM "Afraid not la doc. This one so totally different"
OBYGN "Its ok...relax. Now its only fair that I try one pill first. This is to keep you in the programme. If it doesnt work...then we will discuss the options"
*QM look at DH
DH "Options such as?"
OBYGN "Dont worry...whatever options is necessary. For now I want you to relax ok :)"

Around Lunch
OBYGN "Lets see how far are we.."
*checking to see dilation and baby's position
OBYGN "Baby's head is still elivated. I'm just scared that the shoulders might get stuck if we do try to proceed with vaginal dear...Well I have to lay down the options now."
QM "Can I call my husband first?"
OBYGN "Sure-sure"

QM "YOU KAT MANA NI????????"
DH "On the way. On the way. I ambik Mama dan Aliya"

Anestheologist "You cant remember which L the operation was done ya?"
QM "Maybe L5 or not sure but its a microdisectomy for my slip disc"
Anestheologist "OK. I bukan nak takutkan you...but I have to tell you the truth here to avoid any miscommunication later on. With you condition, it is a bit difficult to say at this point of time if the Epidural will work (go through) due to the surgery you had before. If RA (regional Anesthetic) doesn't then we have to do GA (General Anesthetic) but it is a huge risk to yourself and your baby"
QM telan airliur DH muka pucat QM tengok DH
DH "Is there any other options?"
Anestheologist "I'm afraid not"
DH terdiam
QM "Doctor...I will take whatever risk it takes to have this baby"
Anestheologist holds shoulder and say "Dont worry you are in good hands"

QM being wheeled to OT
Aliya "Mama!!"
My Mama "Nanti kita jumpa Mama ye sayang..."

3.15pm prep before surgery
NURSE "OK..peluk bantal ni ye"
QM sitting up straight kesejukan...takut sama
OBYGN comes and faces QM
OBYGN "Here hold my hand"
QM "God I'm sivering"
OBYGN holds hand tighter...
QM feels JAB like electric shook to back
Anestheologist "OK we're in?"
OBYGN "Oh GOSH that was a relief!"

Anestheologist "Sudah mula ya..."
QM "Oh...I tak rasa apa lah..."
DH muka pucat
QM "Yang...I rasa sejuk..."
QM shivering like mad
DH "Ishk..tak ada going to be ok" DH usap dahi perlahan2

Anestheologist "Ok there she is....ok...prep please..."
QM still shivering like mad
A'aesyah crying very slowly.. DH takes her and Qamat
Anestheologist "Nurse mana itu tanda mau baca-baca punya"
DH hands baby back to Nurse
Anestheologist : "OK give baby to mother to kiss"
Bau sangat harum dan pipi yang sangat hangat.
Nurse quickly takes baby to prep table again
QM : "She ok ke yang?"
Nurse pumping air and rubbing A'aesyah
DH looks blank near the baby
Nurse continue to pump air and rubbing A'aesyah

A'aesyah goes to NICU

She has been put under the O2 Bubble as well.
to be continued....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Was So Big

Sebelum pergi babymoon, kawan sekerja ada pesan "jangan makan MakDoNoll banyak2 ma nanti anak pun macam MakDoNoll"

Tak bole lupa la...memang these last few days last year, pergi memana orang tengok kita macam Nadia Octoplet tu hah.

Babymoon sebulan itu jugalah saya bagaikan puteri. I DID NOTHING!
dan lepaskan geram pada koleksi dibawah

Lepas tu barang-barang persediaan macam orang nak pergi perang tau tak

Nurse kata, "kao nak lari dari rumah ke dik???"

Walaupun DH hanya bawak beg Anakku tu dulu ke labour suite :P

OK...let me give you the status of some of the stuff QM gila babas nak beli masa preggy Syasya
Ye la...orang da LAPAN TAWON takde baby kan

Setahun selepas gambar-gambar ini diambil...

Bantal U Mobile

Tempat fav Syasya lepaks je sandar minum susu. Impian nak breast feed hanya kesampaian sebulan sahaja atas masalah kesihatan saya.

Bukan nak buat lampin...buat BEDONG

Useless :P

Hancus - sebab selalu lipat tengah2 dia da koyak...Syasya the Leo nampak je koyak...praaaaap dia tarik lagi sambil senyum.

Ada tersadai kat store. Tapi benda ni, macam2 tempat holiday dia dah pergi tau!

Sempat pakai kejap je - Syasya baka bapak dia tinggi melampai

Tapi banyak-banyak ini yang paling berharga

Langkah kanan. Nak cuti sebulan babymoon, MPH ada garage sale kat concorse The Weld...mak sopping bagai la!

These are Syasya's favourite. Kadang dia baca dalam bahasa zezezeze dia (after watching sesame street alphabet...Z is the most favourite sound now)

Dan 5 bulan sebelum itu saya sudah start membayor pada cheti Grolier :P

Dan paling tak menyesal beli. Save duit 5 bulan nak beli :

Hakikatnya saya tak menyesal berbabymoon tanpa gaji. Minda yang sihat dan tenang sebelum bersalin adalah yang terbaik. Saya dapat rest yang cukup, exercise yang cukup, tidor yang cukup, berblog yang cukup (opppppssss!!) masa tu tak kenal FESBUK

Mana tau cabaran dan detik getir antara hidup dan mati yang akan saya hadapi 2 hari lagi selepas hari ini setahun yang sudah.

Allah swt dah bagi clue awal-awal, hati berat je mengatakan duit boleh di cari...


Monday, August 17, 2009

Tutorial Menjahit Baju Kurung Kanak-Kanak (1 tahun ke atas) - Part 7

Terdahulu sebelum kita mulakan tutorial 7 dalam siri "Tutorial Menjahit Baju Kurung Kanak-Kanak (1 tahun ke atas)" ini, saya ingin mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih kepada Rina kerana sudi "mengingatkan" saya tentang kelewatan membawa bahagian yang seterusnya.

Saya teruja sebentar menyiapkan dress untuk si kecil A'aesyah. Saya dapati kain cotton berharga RM7 semeter dari Nagoya amatlah baik sekali qualitinya. Sudah basuh berkali-kali dan walaupun tidak di jahit tepi, ia tidak "berambu-ramba" atau terjurai-jurai benang. Jadi saya fikir, baik sahaja saya buat lagi sebagai basahan anak saya ini di rumah.

Baiklah, tutorial seterusnya adalah sambungan dari langkah menjahit keseluruhan pesak/kekek/lengan pada badan

Seperti yang anda lihat pada gambarajah dibawah, keseluruhan pesak/kekek/lengan akan dicantumkan pada badan seperti yang berikut.

Tapi anda harus pastikan, ia dicantum pada pertengahan kain kedua-dua bahagian.
  • Lipat bahagian pesak/kekek/lengan (PKL) supaya ianya "centre" seperti di bawah

  • Lipat Bahagian Badan supaya ianya "centre" juga.

  • Tandakan pada lipatan yang membahagikan PKL dan Badan supaya senang untuk di cantumkan kedua-duanya. Saya selalu mengunting sedikit (setelah dilipat) seperti bentuk dalam gambar sebagai tanda. Terpulang pada anda bagai mana hendak menandakannya

  • Cantumkan dengan peniti
  • Mulakan jahit mencantum dari atas bahu (C) ke bawah satu bahagian badan seperti garis berwarna putih pada gambar rujukan.
  • Ulangi dengan menjahit dari atas bahu (C) ke bawah bahagian belakang pula.
  • Ulangi langkah diatas sehingga kesemua bahagian badan telah bercantum dengan PKL.
Tutorial seterusnya - menebuk leher.

I've finally had the guts to delete people from my Facebook.

What is the point of "having a connection" when you dont.

The reason I'm doing it is simple.
  • I'm constantly disturb by photos they put up of gatherings or birthdays and I am not there. It tells me, "hey we are having fun without you".
And then I find that they never call, text or msg me.

So what is the point.

Its sad when I think about it. These are the people who came after me at the previous office, whom I have helped out during their training, whom I have made into "sisters" and not just friends, whom I deeply adore and sad enough they do not feel the same about me. I AM INVISIBLE to them.

I doubt they even hop into my blog as well...SO WHY BOTHER??????

Why am I emotional?
Because its like trying to get rid of your own flesh and blood. But if they were...they wont put me through hell like this.

SO there. Done. Deleted.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Photo Nikah Kahwin Waheeda Dan Akhil Hayy

Ni yang dulu menafikan sungguh-sungguh....

Walau apa pun, perkahwinan dalam Islam itu suatu yang mulia. Moga jodoh mereka berpanjangan.

p/s siap le "geng makcik dok bersembang tepi tembok I" comment ni jap lagi...sure bertalu-talu comment box I LOL

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah

...this was scary. Still is.

Cute Overload

Rasanya tak ada benda yang lebih cute daripada diaorang ni...

My Milk Toof

Copyright © Inhae Renee Lee 2009. All rights reserved.

The Story

When I was young, I placed my baby teeth under my pillow and when I woke up I'd find a shiny new quarter. But whatever happened to those little teeth? Where did they go? Would I ever see them again?

Many years later, a little tooth was standing at my door. It looked familiar. Its name was ickle. Welcome home, my milk toof!

Cute sangatz kan? For more, go here

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Right to be Left


My name is Farah and I am a mother to left-handers.

Yes. Both of my children are left handed (A'aesyah who will turn one soon is showing preference for the left hand) what is the big deal?

It is actually. To me personally although I am right handed.

If one favors their left hand, people do tend to notice. But some fail to notice that because left hand children work differently using their hands, even the most simplest task may proved to be very difficult for them.

These become more prominent when they start school.

Teachers at pre-school do not notice how different left handed children write especially on how they form letters.

Aliya was always stuck on her small "t"s and "f"s during those years she was learning to write.

The work books teachers gave did not help nor the teachers themselves, as the flow of the letter formation in preschool education was catered for right handed children.

Another overlooked task is using the scissors.

"when you close the scissors, the cutting edges close and are pressed rogether because your fingers holding the scissors bend and your thumb stretches. If the cutting edges are pushed away from each other, the material being cut slides in between and is definitely not cut. This is what happens when you use a right hand scissors with your left hand"

Fortunately there is a store that helps lefty kids who face this problem and there is the internet for a mother like me - an abundance of literature to browse and read through to assist my daughter.

And as for the smudging and sort when she uses felt pens, I encourage her to use the computer instead and these beautiful masterpieces are born.

However the biggest challenge is how my eldest child has to face discrimination, oppression and humiliation when she was small.

A classic example is was a rude remark made to her when she was helping my mother out in the kitchen. Using a butter knife, my mother was training her cooking by cutting snake beans.

She was told harshly that (not by family though nor by my mother) "you are using a hand you wash your poop with".

As harsh as that would be to me and condemning I have bad mothering skills, it has more destructive ill-effects to the child.

Ages 0-5 are the crucial years in a child's development.

The lasting effects of this kind of humiliation on a child is undoubtedly, as it is a sign of disapproval and negativity. Whether it was said unintentionally; it’s no excuse.

It lowers your child's self-esteem and self-confidence.

I am a Muslim in a country where it is faux pas for someone to use your left hand or left leg for that matter. This is fully understandable as in response to the Prophet's recommendations or to follow his example of preferring to use the right hand

It is a sunna to use the right hand for noble matters, and the left hand for lowly matters, whenever reasonably possible.

Thus, as a muslim :

- to eat with our right hand

- to enter the mosque with our right feet

are some examples of what is to be expected if you are a muslim.

But to repeat my earlier statement, it is "in response to the Prophet's recommendations or to follow his example".

RECOMMENDATIONS see? - Not a clear cut HALAL or HARAM.

I have heard of other examples where as muslim children they were told that if you use your left hand you will enter hell *eyes rolling*


Islam teaches us that we are not accountable for such actions that are beyond our ability or means.

Allah says in the Qur’an:

"Allah does not burden any soul with more than it can bear." (Al-Baqarah 2:286)
"He has not placed any hardship for you in your religion." (Al-Hajj 22:78)
"Allah wants ease for you, not hardship." (Al-Baqarah 2:185)

With all that said however, I do not advocate the encouragement of my daughter to use her left hand to eat.

I simply embraced her difference by allowing her to use spoons and forks more often.

In time she does know that if she were to use her hands to eat she should use her right hand.

When A'aesyah was born in 2008, I never imagined that I would be blessed with another left handed child. Although it is too early to tell, she seems to favour her left hand rather than the other.

Thus I feel, Allah swt is Merciful...he knows how diligent I am to perfect my mothering skills and he has given me a second chance to make it WORTHWHILE and REWARDING by fine tuning it. The things I learn now to prepare A'aesyah in turn will be beneficial for Aliya as well.

As a voice on behalf of my children, I know deep down the most important thing they want is for us to allow them to be left-handers.

I am hopeful that any teachers or educators reading this, might may pay a little more attention to help out the left handed children in their classroom, or having proper scissors for preschooler (or advise their parents to do so) and encourange their staff to teach proper letter forming to left-handers.

And that anyone who has a left handed child, related to one or know one might not discriminate them especially if they are muslim and come up with that classic humiliation of "you are using a hand you wash your poop with"

I am not asking special treatment for my daughter(s)...

"Left-handedness is a human development taking its natural course. It is not an active choice by the child to be different." do I know this? Ask my husband. He was a left hand child and still is :)

Happy International Left Hander's day! Its a day to celebrate your RIGHT!

On 13th August 1992 the Club launched International Left-Handers Day, an annual event when left-handers everywhere can celebrate their sinistrality and increase public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed. This event is now celebrated worldwide (although Malaysia celebrates it during the previous weekend 8th & 9th August)