Monday, August 24, 2009


Would love to chat more but I am up to my nose right now with so many stuff to do.
  • My parents are here until 31 August 2009 so I have to play tourist guide :P
  • Ramadhan - lots and lots of stuff to cook *yeay!* Tarawih Prayers and Tadarus.
Good news. The reason my Dad is taking time off from all that farming is because he has to brush up on his surah-surah. He is training as an Imam right now since the current one we have at the mosque in my home village is old and often feels not well...Alhamdulillah the house is constantly blessed with my Dad's continuous reading of the Al-Quran and trying to make sure his reading is correct.

All muslim knows how heavy is the responsibility an Imam holds. Its not something anyone can do and my Dad is finally brave enough to take on the position (I think he deserves it)

and that also means I have to be extra diligent in my ibadah from now onwards. The "Anak Pak Imam" always sets a good example for the rest of the village as well and its a responsibility one should take seriously...amin.

Have a great Ramadhan ahead!
although I'm sad since I am on ABC (Allah Bagi Cuti) for the first sahur and iftar :(

p/s sewing tutorial will continue next week am afraid. I do apologize for the inconvenience

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