Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lahirnya A'aesyah Marissa ke Dunia

A year ago...
Malam sebelumnya
Abah "Abah kena balik ni. Mesyuarat Jawantankuasa surau tak boleh la nak tinggal. Apa-apa hal telefon ye"
QM "Ok...bye Abah" *salam tangan abah

Around after Midnight...
DH "Kenapa tak tidur lagi?"
QM "Takut" *DH peluk QM

My Mama "Ish...buat apa lagi tu?"
QM "Breakfast. Sandwich sardine"
My Mama "Macam laaaaa Mama tak boleh buat sendiri"

Aliya "Nak ikut"
QM "Tak boleh Sayang..Nanti bila adik da keluar...Daddy bawak Liya ok."
Aliya "Promise?"
QM "Promise!" *cium dahi Aliya

Around 8.30am
OBYGN " signs yet"
QM "Afraid not la doc. This one so totally different"
OBYGN "Its ok...relax. Now its only fair that I try one pill first. This is to keep you in the programme. If it doesnt work...then we will discuss the options"
*QM look at DH
DH "Options such as?"
OBYGN "Dont worry...whatever options is necessary. For now I want you to relax ok :)"

Around Lunch
OBYGN "Lets see how far are we.."
*checking to see dilation and baby's position
OBYGN "Baby's head is still elivated. I'm just scared that the shoulders might get stuck if we do try to proceed with vaginal dear...Well I have to lay down the options now."
QM "Can I call my husband first?"
OBYGN "Sure-sure"

QM "YOU KAT MANA NI????????"
DH "On the way. On the way. I ambik Mama dan Aliya"

Anestheologist "You cant remember which L the operation was done ya?"
QM "Maybe L5 or not sure but its a microdisectomy for my slip disc"
Anestheologist "OK. I bukan nak takutkan you...but I have to tell you the truth here to avoid any miscommunication later on. With you condition, it is a bit difficult to say at this point of time if the Epidural will work (go through) due to the surgery you had before. If RA (regional Anesthetic) doesn't then we have to do GA (General Anesthetic) but it is a huge risk to yourself and your baby"
QM telan airliur DH muka pucat QM tengok DH
DH "Is there any other options?"
Anestheologist "I'm afraid not"
DH terdiam
QM "Doctor...I will take whatever risk it takes to have this baby"
Anestheologist holds shoulder and say "Dont worry you are in good hands"

QM being wheeled to OT
Aliya "Mama!!"
My Mama "Nanti kita jumpa Mama ye sayang..."

3.15pm prep before surgery
NURSE "OK..peluk bantal ni ye"
QM sitting up straight kesejukan...takut sama
OBYGN comes and faces QM
OBYGN "Here hold my hand"
QM "God I'm sivering"
OBYGN holds hand tighter...
QM feels JAB like electric shook to back
Anestheologist "OK we're in?"
OBYGN "Oh GOSH that was a relief!"

Anestheologist "Sudah mula ya..."
QM "Oh...I tak rasa apa lah..."
DH muka pucat
QM "Yang...I rasa sejuk..."
QM shivering like mad
DH "Ishk..tak ada going to be ok" DH usap dahi perlahan2

Anestheologist "Ok there she is....ok...prep please..."
QM still shivering like mad
A'aesyah crying very slowly.. DH takes her and Qamat
Anestheologist "Nurse mana itu tanda mau baca-baca punya"
DH hands baby back to Nurse
Anestheologist : "OK give baby to mother to kiss"
Bau sangat harum dan pipi yang sangat hangat.
Nurse quickly takes baby to prep table again
QM : "She ok ke yang?"
Nurse pumping air and rubbing A'aesyah
DH looks blank near the baby
Nurse continue to pump air and rubbing A'aesyah

A'aesyah goes to NICU

She has been put under the O2 Bubble as well.
to be continued....


  1. so weet of mama ni. sempat captured barg2 yang di bawa. i never think of that coz a months before my delivery baru i tau berbelog. fesbuk tu takyah cakap la. tak penah dengar pun. err.. penah. tipu. tp tak tau and tak mik tau.

    comel nyer 2 posts ni.. terharu baca. masa u cakap bau harum dan pp dia tu. alahai.. terkenang la plak saat i atas OT bed tu.. same la.. sejuk gile kan.

  2. Rose : memang la...hangat..lembut..harum

  3. farah,

    u are such a strong woaman she is the cutest jewel...:D

    i saw how big u were..omg, must be difficult to walk... i was big too and believe me, i did not take a single picture when i was pregnant...

  4. sedih lak i tgk gmbar aleya tu..duduk tepi dinding..