Monday, August 17, 2009

I've finally had the guts to delete people from my Facebook.

What is the point of "having a connection" when you dont.

The reason I'm doing it is simple.
  • I'm constantly disturb by photos they put up of gatherings or birthdays and I am not there. It tells me, "hey we are having fun without you".
And then I find that they never call, text or msg me.

So what is the point.

Its sad when I think about it. These are the people who came after me at the previous office, whom I have helped out during their training, whom I have made into "sisters" and not just friends, whom I deeply adore and sad enough they do not feel the same about me. I AM INVISIBLE to them.

I doubt they even hop into my blog as well...SO WHY BOTHER??????

Why am I emotional?
Because its like trying to get rid of your own flesh and blood. But if they were...they wont put me through hell like this.

SO there. Done. Deleted.


  1. sedih pulak i dengar..tapi i paham sgt apa yg u rasa...

  2. dear QM,

    it sad to hear that but i guess you are doing the right thing by deleting them off your FB. i would do the same thing though.

  3. hi nim
    thanks for the support

  4. Im not blaming you to do so. Im deactivating my FB months ago after experiencing something like your story. Anyway cherish life and be happy. Gotcha from Transkripsi Huzairiyah.

  5. sayapun dh buang kwn dr forum tu..add kunun tp still tak puas hati..kawan je sapa nak kwn dgn kita...tgk..kawan saya amatla sikit..!!

  6. FJL : Thanks for the support. Hey I love your GREEN peaceful to my eyes :)

    Hadah : Manusia kan..macam2 fe-el..pening kadang2

  7. xkisah pon ade kawan ke tak... :)
    cheers la kak.. saya pon setuju ngn akak..