Friday, August 14, 2009

Cute Overload

Rasanya tak ada benda yang lebih cute daripada diaorang ni...

My Milk Toof

Copyright © Inhae Renee Lee 2009. All rights reserved.

The Story

When I was young, I placed my baby teeth under my pillow and when I woke up I'd find a shiny new quarter. But whatever happened to those little teeth? Where did they go? Would I ever see them again?

Many years later, a little tooth was standing at my door. It looked familiar. Its name was ickle. Welcome home, my milk toof!

Cute sangatz kan? For more, go here


  1. Ida : he he he...dia GORGES la bak kata Lyana

  2. cute sgt..geram sgt yg die mkn eskrem nk picit2..hihi

  3. dila : sangat2z ha ha ha bab eskrem tu Larde reminds me of my husband...especially ayat "thats so not cool"