Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Best Thing About Living Next Door to SS15 always the fact that we are so close to the famous "rojak SS15" but baru hari tu pergi beli - hahaha kelakar kan

sebab my hasben selalu kata the line is soooooooooooooo panjang - dia tak nak tunggu. Must make it 2 people show (nak kata 2man show tak kena plak)

Berabis banyak juga la I beli hahaha
Dah la pagi tu tetiba cakap - mengidam Vadai, lagilah.

Vadai is also MILK BOOSTER ye puan puan sebab ada Jintan dan Kekacang. Ni petua orang India

Juga telah membeli cendol di warung ini

yaaaaaaa Rojak dengan Telur dan Sotong - maaf sangat mentedarah ye hahaha - ofkos bila BF mesti makan banyak kan?

Photos credit and more stories about the famous Rojak SS15 can be found here

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Dress : Catherine Middleton

Royal bride Kate Middleton's wedding dress is an ivory gown with lace applique floral detail designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, it was announced today.

Made of ivory and white satin gazar, the skirt resembles "an opening flower" with white satin gazar arches and pleats.

Source :

I like this Doa

We thank and praise Allah SWT, Who prescribes moderation as the ideal way in our dealings and as a means of attaining socio-economic growth and stability.

I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah -- Whose deen guarantees social and material security for all its followers.

I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad (saws) is the Messenger of Allah, who encouraged Muslims to shun extremes and to be moderate in every facet of life.

O Allah, shower Your choicest blessings on him, his noble Companions and relatives… all those who preferred humility to pride and arrogance.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Korban puting beliung Alabama cecah 128 mangsa

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama: Angka korban ribut dan puting beliung di Alabama meningkat kepada 128 orang, menurut Pejabat Gabenor Robert Bentley.

Setiausaha Akhbar Bentley, Jennifer Ardis, berkata kemusnahan adalah meluas. - Reuters

Video Ekslusif Lambert Airport

Just Be Gentle

Advocating gentle birthing


CHANGE can only happen if women ask for what they want, as Ruth Miller and Joanna Cheryan, founders of The Gentle Birthing Group Malaysia (GBG), discovered.

Joanna Cheryan, one of the co-founders of The Gentle Birthing Group Malaysia, an NGO that promotes women’s right to make informed decisions on their childbirth.

Founded about two years ago, GBG is a support/advocacy group that holds informal talks or get-togethers twice a month for mums or mothers-to-be to share birth stories or ask questions.

“The Group came about originally because Ruth and I wanted do water birth, which wasn’t available in the Klang Valley at that time,” says Cheryan of the UK, who is married to a Malaysian.

“We approached Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, and Ruth said to them, ‘I’m prepared to buy the pool from the UK and get it shipped over. Here’s the info pack for the staff and nurses. So can we do it?”

The hospital asked the ladies to find out if there’s enough interest in water birth. Miller collected more than 100 signatures from women interested not just in water birth, but also other drug-free, natural birthing options.

Karin Heinimann-Martin is currently the only certified doula in Malaysia. She provides emotional support and encouragement to women during their labour.

In June 2009, Cheryan delivered her third child, a baby girl, via water birth at Pantai, a first for the hospital too. Miller had since moved to Adelaide.

“The Group is really about giving women the option of having the kind of birth they want to have and supporting them throughout,” explains Cheryan, who delivered her first child via water birth in The Netherlands.

“Here, it’s so easy if you want to have C-section or epidural. But having a normal birth with no intervention is so difficult.”

Like Cheryan, Nadine Ghows, an active GBG member, finds that most of her friends here either have gone through traumatic birthing experiences or didn’t know of the different birthing options available here.

“Because of our healthcare system and years of brainwashing – horror stories of births or inaccurate portrayals on the media, many people view medical interventions as the norm in childbirth,” says Ghows of Kuala Lumpur. “They don’t believe that birth can actually be empowering and gratifying.”

Kuala Lumpur-based Nadine Ghows’s natural childbirth experiences inspired her to advocate for gentle birthing

The Group advocates getting women to shop for the right care provider who can help them realise their birth wishes, arm themselves with information about risks associated with interventions, know their rights, and question the doctor.

GBG is also affiliated with ibu Family Resource Group (, a membership-based NGO that provides pregnancy and baby wellness support and playgroups.

Yong Mei Fong, 32, delivered her baby boy using the waterbirth method. Water immersion is a good pain-relief and a gentle birthing option for mothers who want a drug-free birth.

“If the woman is able to make informed decisions surrounding her birth, she is likely to come away from her birth feeling satisfied and empowered – regardless of whether she had intervention or not,” says Ghows, who experienced drug-free natural births twice.

“Also, the pre-natal care that a woman receives goes a long way in determining the outcome of the birth. The more she feels cared for and understood, the more likely her natural instincts will take over and she can birth her baby with ease.”

“Our challenge now is to see how we can go further to change perceptions and create more awareness,” adds Cheryan. The Group plans to produce an information pack with questions women could ask their doctors.

The Gentle Birthing Group Malaysia is on Facebook

"Books" on my bedside table

I read...whenever I can.

Even if its not on paper hehehe
As long as it fills my constant half empty cup to the brim, I would read it.

Lately I have resorted to reading EBooks. Ah...the simple joys life has to offer hehehe
Although it gets to be something to be used to - orang melayu kata Alah Bisa Tegal Biasa.

Currently this book is my favourite :

The caption reads :
When my oldest daughter was born, I developed mastitis. At that time in Russia, where we lived, breast pumps did not exist. The pain in my breasts was so excruciating, I couldn’t even think about nursing my baby, but formula was not available. It was a calamity. My husband surveyed the situation. Then, he
brought a bicycle pump and made a special connector that stuck to my breast on the one side and to the hose on the other. He went to the opposite side of the room (since the hose was
long, and the pump huge and heavy), and started to pump as if my breast were a bicycle’s wheel – only the milk was going out, not the air in. I screamed from pain, but in a few minutes most of the milk was gone from my breast, and I was able to nurse my daughter with the remains of the milk in that breast. The same procedure was repeated for the other breast, and this continued every two hours for the next three days. In three days, the mastitis was gone. 

When my youngest daughter was born (a co-author of this book), we left Russia. While in transit, we couldn’t afford to buy a crib, nor could we put the baby on our bed, for fear of her falling on the floor during the night. My husband surveyed the situation. Then he took one of our huge suitcases, dumped out all of the clothes, put a soft blanket on the bottom, tied both sides of the suitcase to heavy furniture pieces (so that the suitcase wouldn’t close while we were asleep), and voila! - a safe and cozy bed was ready for our baby.
To the best husband and father in the world – Michael Shur (from Paulina Shur)

From the Book : How to succeed in breastfeeding without really trying or ten steps to laugh your way through by Natasha Shur & Paulina Shur

It just blows the myth about you must have an expensive pump or a massive deep freezer to succeed out the window.  Really. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Susu hebat datang dari ibu yang cukup rehat - efek Teh Chamomile

Apabila anda duduk dan minum teh chamomile atau camomile, anda sebenarnya boleh menyelesaikan 3 masalah dengan satu cawan :)

Teh Chamomile membantu ibu-ibu menyusu berehat, membantu proses hidrat di dalam badan (ibu-ibu menyusu kan penting selalu rasa hidrat) dan membantu bayi-bayi yang mengalami colic untuk calm down sebaik sahaja ia masuk kedalam aliran susu ibu anda.

Walaupun tidak membantu secara direct untuk menambah susu, for me, I rasa ianya adalah alternatif pada orang yang sukakan secawan teh pada bila-bila masa di perlukan kerana ia tidak mengandungi kafein (lepas sarapan ke atau untuk minum petang ke) Malah tidur yang lebih berkualiti dan keadaan diri yang lebih rileks selalunya akan membantu penghasilan susu ibu.

Teh chamomile sebenarnya telah digunakan selama beratus-ratus tahun. How diaorang buat in the pass was to infuse (rendam dalam air panas) bunga chamomile Jerman.

Selain daripada membantu relaxation dan tidak berkafein, terdapat 7 manfaat kesihatan dari teh ini:

Tidur lebih baik
Sebenarnya di barat manfaat teh Chamomile yang paling terkenal sebagai alat bantu tidur telah lama diketahui. Dikenali dengan sifat yang santai dan menenangkan dan sering diambil sebelum tidur, teh ini senantiasa dipromosikan dengan keberkesanan tidur yang lebih nyenyak.

Perut Soother
Chamomile sangat membantu untuk pelbagai masalah perut seperti menenangkan sakit perut, memudahkan gejala irritable bowel syndrome, dan membantu dalam pencernaan secara keseluruhan.

Sakit senggugut atau Menstruasi
Orang-orang Mesir kuno telah lama menggunakan teh chamomile sebagai ubat sakit senggugut. Satu kajian mendapati bahawa minum teh chamomile peningkatan kadar glisin, suatu compound yang menenangkan kejang otot. Para penyelidik percaya bahawa ini adalah mengapa teh chamomile membantu sakit senggugut. (

Mengurangkan gejala selsema
Chamomile memiliki sifat meningkatkan kekebalan tubuh dan membantu dalam memerangi flu kerana sifat antibakterianya (

Penyembuhan Luka
Orang Mesir, Rom, dan Yunani menggunakan bunga chamomile dalam sebuah cepu dan ditampal pada luka untuk mempercepat penyembuhan. Ada kebenarannya kerana dalam satu kajian, tikus yang diberikan ekstrak chamomile dalam air mereka mengalami penyembuhan yang lebih cepat (

Pengurusan Diabetes
Teh chamomile sedang dikaji untuk kesan positif dalam pengurusan diabetes. Dalam sebuah kajian, pengambilan harian teh chamomile dijumpai dapat mencegah perkembangan komplikasi diabetes dan hyperglycemia.(

In-vitro kajian menunjukkan kemungkinan perlindungan terhadap beberapa jenis sel kanser.


Beberapa orang memiliki reaksi alergi yang serius (termasuk anafilaksis) untuk chamomile. Jika anda alergi terhadap tanaman lain dalam keluarga yang sama seperti daisy, ragweed, aster, chrysanthemum, or marigold anda harus berhati-hati ketika menggunakan chamomile.

Chamomile harus dielakkan selama kehamilan kerana ia boleh bertindak sebagai stimulan rahim dan kerana ia meningkatkan kemungkinan keguguran.

Orang yang mengalami bleeding disorders or on blood thinners  darah harus mengelakkan chamomile, kerana ia mengandungi coumarin dan dapat meningkatkan kemungkinan pendarahan.

Selagi lagi kalau nak menikmati secawan chamomile, boleh la beli jenama BOH sebab harga pun OK. I dah stop minum green tea dan tukar pada chamomile since dari lepas bersalin hari tu. So far, I perasan memang ada beza masa tak ambik (time bersalin Syasya) Nampak Amel pun jenis tak berapa fussy dan bila tidur tenang je. Ada juga jenama satu lagi, tapi mahal sikit hehehe so cuma dua tu sahaja yang I jumpa setakat ni.

Uols kena ingat la juga kan, tidur yang cukup membantu badan kita berehat, so susu pun hebat

p/s sapa dah try ni boleh la bagi I testimoni selepas ini :)

Serabi Notosuman

Hujan lebat petang-petang ni tetiba saya teringat kudapan yang Ma dan Abah bawakan dari Solo atau nama lamanya Surakarta semasa melawat sepupu atuk di sana.

For me personally, some food kat Indonesia agak a bit blant maybe sebab kurang perisa ke rempah ke gitu la lebih kurang. My mom's family disana bawakan rempeyek dan kerepek tempe but not as nice as the ones here.

Even the Sale Pisang pun, I rasa dari Bandung lebih sedap.

The reason would be why the kerepek tempe was blant sebab dia salut tepung beras je, a pinch of salt dan goreng. I was put off by the kafir leaves (daun limau purut) yang di hiris2 dan dibuat peyek tu - more like tumpi dari peyek koz dia pakai kacang hijau. Sowie tade gambo sebab I awal2 cakap kat mom I tak mo hehehe.

But there was one manisan I suka, the Serabi Notosuman. Memang kelas dan sedap. Dia lempeng tepung beras dan yang ini inti kacang merah. Yang ni memang pas la he he he

But one thing for sure, sebab I dok mengunyah kerepek tempe tu non stop, susu meriah gile hahaha

More about Serabi here :