Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Books" on my bedside table

I read...whenever I can.

Even if its not on paper hehehe
As long as it fills my constant half empty cup to the brim, I would read it.

Lately I have resorted to reading EBooks. Ah...the simple joys life has to offer hehehe
Although it gets to be something to be used to - orang melayu kata Alah Bisa Tegal Biasa.

Currently this book is my favourite :

The caption reads :
When my oldest daughter was born, I developed mastitis. At that time in Russia, where we lived, breast pumps did not exist. The pain in my breasts was so excruciating, I couldn’t even think about nursing my baby, but formula was not available. It was a calamity. My husband surveyed the situation. Then, he
brought a bicycle pump and made a special connector that stuck to my breast on the one side and to the hose on the other. He went to the opposite side of the room (since the hose was
long, and the pump huge and heavy), and started to pump as if my breast were a bicycle’s wheel – only the milk was going out, not the air in. I screamed from pain, but in a few minutes most of the milk was gone from my breast, and I was able to nurse my daughter with the remains of the milk in that breast. The same procedure was repeated for the other breast, and this continued every two hours for the next three days. In three days, the mastitis was gone. 

When my youngest daughter was born (a co-author of this book), we left Russia. While in transit, we couldn’t afford to buy a crib, nor could we put the baby on our bed, for fear of her falling on the floor during the night. My husband surveyed the situation. Then he took one of our huge suitcases, dumped out all of the clothes, put a soft blanket on the bottom, tied both sides of the suitcase to heavy furniture pieces (so that the suitcase wouldn’t close while we were asleep), and voila! - a safe and cozy bed was ready for our baby.
To the best husband and father in the world – Michael Shur (from Paulina Shur)

From the Book : How to succeed in breastfeeding without really trying or ten steps to laugh your way through by Natasha Shur & Paulina Shur

It just blows the myth about you must have an expensive pump or a massive deep freezer to succeed out the window.  Really. 


  1. bicycle pump huh? who would have thought of that? giler kreatif husband dia!

  2. those expensive pumps doesnt really works, i tell you..