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Oxytocicating Your Oatmeal - Step By Step Oatmeal Köttbullar with Oatmeal Gravy

Oatmeal contains minerals that help stimulate the hormone oxytocin, contributing to successful letdown during lactation.

Lactation specialists recommend eating a breakfast of whole oatmeal, steel cut oats or whole pods because they have more nutrients than instant oatmeal to help a mother relax and increase breast milk. Mothers can also use oats in snacks to increase consumption, thus increasing breast milk supply. Oats are easy to eat and most people tolerate them with no problems. Those with gluten sensitivity may want to buy oats that are gluten-free. [source]

Hai hai...dont you love oats?
I've been in love with them ever since I was young so, its really not a big problem for me as I have them as staple food. Not a biggy on rice trust me.

Even the girls had them as first solids rather than the typical bubur nasi ikan bilis

Agaknya sebab tu kut tak perasan my peyed came (though very light and only 2 days) after Ame was 4 months. Supply has been normal SUPRISINGLY. So again, what goes in your mouth determines what goes in your baby's mouth too weeeeeeee

As much as I love oats, I love köttbullar as well. Syasya pun suka coz its her favourite finger food. So, its a supermom's recipe that benefits both nursing mom and growing up terrible two.

You know la what they say about terrible two.
Anyway here it is as they say in Swedish - receptköttbullar

OATMEAL köttbullar

 The Oatmeal Meatball recipe can be found here in my previous posting

If you are interested in making your own mince, buy prime beef and try 
and get rid of those gristle
or what we Malay call OTOT or URAT
Dont say EUW - yes Malaysian people have a tendency to say that if I say leave the skin.

Potato skins have lots of necessary nutrients which are unknown to most of people. Realize the nutrition facts of potato skin and decide your self.

In Ancient times, the skins of potato were peeled of prior to cooking with the thought that the potato would be cleaner and therefore healthier. But, Potato skins store many nutrients and also contain a lot of fiber, which is essential for a healthy diet. If potato is cooked with the potatoes skin, it is more nutritious than Meals that made without potato skin. Potato skins are a snack food or appetizer. Especially, the potato skin has a high concentration of potassium that is necessary for cellular body functions. A slight insufficiency of potassium in the body can cause salt sensitivity and high blood pressure. Recently, scientists have revealed a compound ‘kukoamine’ in potatoes, which helps to lower the blood pressure.

 To wash them thoroughly place under running tap
 Use a soft scrub to get rid of access dirt and soil.
 Prick with fork so to soften them during boiling (cepat empuk)
 Place in pot and fill with water
 just enough to cover them hokey
 I usually use olive oil, but we ran out so subsitute with margarine or butter with a dash of oregano and salt
 The boiled potatoes quartered and dunked in pot
 Coat potatoes with the olive oil or melted margarine and herbs
 Place in baking tray - I use a small toaster to do so hence the small baking tray

My oven microwave dah broken (ada short fius dalam dia, hubby masih belum ada masa nak tengok) a few months ago hence YES me and baking dont jive :P
but anyway
pulled off the Roast Potatoes like a Pro
hu hu hu


Blanch Spinach & Broccoli with wedged Tomatoes
Did you know that although Spinach is high in iron, Spinach also contains oxalic acid (sometimes referred as oxalate). Oxalic acid binds with iron, hence inhibiting its absorption. However, you do not need to give it up if you are a spinach lover! Simply eat spinach with any foods containing iron absorption enhancers such as Broccoli, Tomato and of course MEAT :))

Best way to eat your Spinach and Broccoli is via Blanching
Blanching is a cooking term that describes a process of food preparation wherein the food substance, usually a vegetable or fruit, is plunged into boiling water, removed after a brief, timed interval, and finally plunged into iced water or placed under cold running water (shocked) to halt the cooking process.

Stir Fried Button Mushroom with a Whole (smacked down) Garlic and Oyster Sauce
You know I love em garlics when I'm nursing hehehehe
According to Dr. Julie A. Mennella, babies are likely to benefit when breastfeeding from a mother who eats garlic. Her study at Philadelphia's Monell Chemical Senses Center demonstrated that babies nursed longer in response to a mother's large garlic intake several hours earlier. Dr. Mennella also observed that the babies took more milk without suffering from cramps or additional issues linked to spicy foods. It was even noted that babies showed signs of preferring the taste of the milk when nursing mothers ate garlic. These findings were illustrated by various tests administered during the study [source]

Beef & Herb Gravy with Oatmeal
best way to thicken your gravy is by using powdered oats
these are just oats (steel cut organic) grinded in a dry blender (or coffee grinder)


The Food Tester and Critique?
 yours truly hehehe
buyuknye makan dua tangan masya Allah haihs!
takpe la
still learning
all done alhamdulillah

Tips for Nursing Moms
Other recipes to incorparate the Oatmeal Gravy or Oatmeal Meatballs

Country Fried Chicken Breast in Bolognase Sauce. Side Platter of Roasted Wedged Potatoes and Blanched Broccoli
Carrot Juice with Milk (no need to say more la kan hehehe)

The classic Spaghetti Meatballs with Blanched Spinach 

check out as well my Oatmeal Gaya Orang Melayu for more Oatmeal ideas 
to incorporate in your daily diet mommies


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