Monday, April 11, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

Hai mommies...
gimana wiken kalian?
felin udah lama banget ya gua ga posting?
owww its was only for a few days honey
hi hi hi
gakerasa ya bentar lagi udah masuk back to mommy mode
kok cepet banget deh...
perasaan libur wiken gua belom total enakkinnn
what more - food was gloriously awesome
and me mom n dad was here weeeeeeeeeeee
manusia emg gapernah puas

Ape ni? Nyanyuk ke Faye? Ok OK hehe

Safely sent me mom n dad off to Surakarta and they won't be back until Thursday.

Nasib baik satu malam je visiting susur galur. Ma is a bit concern pasal "toilet" as usual...
Well, that my nyokap

But Maaaaa, nga perlu stress'll be like JRoberts in Eat Love Pray kan. Tepi sawah semua... 

He he he
I think by today (Monday) they will be staying at a resort till Thursday.
Hopefully I hope she enjoys her trip. What more she's going with her eldest brother and 2 younger brothers. Its a group tour weeeeeeeeee cuti2 Surakarta uols.

 "datuk" callin2 kerabat yang lain, tanya lokasi dimana ketika itew
 my Ma and her big bro

I would have to thank my marvelous kids for getting up at 5.30am in the morning and getting dress to send off their Kakek n Oma without a FUSS. Serious. Semua ikut cakap. Even Ame pun tak banyak karenah.

soklan bonus : adakah saya sedang NIP di LCCT?
hu hu hu
MobyWrap rawks 
as always :P

Ame checkin out Lady Salleh yang comel while Mama Handsfree amek Pica

MobyWrap Increases learning 
Babies in a content and safe environment are able to be more alert and aware of their surroundings, providing the perfect environment for learning. This also provides the parent with an opportunity for increased interaction and bonding time with their baby. Carried babies are able to learn language more quickly since they are positioned at voice and eye level. They become more involved in conversations and begin to learn how to listen (Sears).


  1. wallaweyy..kok ngomong pake bahasa indo nya jago ya?

  2. Bell

    Ha ha ha
    Masa tulis ni baru lepas spoke to my mom and my kezen uncle so lidah cam susah nak adjust balik...