Monday, March 21, 2011

The One About Justice For Arwah Adelia

I am sure it has become viral how parents of the late (arwah) Adelia are seeking justice for the death of the baby due to negligance.

The beautiful, bubbly, shiny-eyed chubby baby with rosy apple cheeks Arwah Adelia Bt Fariza has gone back to heaven after staff to one of the nurseries in Section 10 in Shah Alam found her not breathing. She was said to have had some fluids in her lungs.

Utusan Malaysia Online -
ARKIB : 20/03/2011

Bayi 2 bulan maut tersedak susu

Adelia Muhammad Nizzam

KUALA LUMPUR 19 Mac - Seorang bayi perempuan berusia dua bulan maut akibat tersedak susu ketika berada di sebuah taman asuhan kanak-kanak (Taska) di Seksyen 10, Shah Alam, Selangor pada Rabu lalu.
Adelia Muhammad Nizzam disahkan meninggal dunia oleh pakar perubatan, dipercayai kira-kira sejam sebelum dia dikejarkan ke klinik itu oleh pengasuh Taska.
Bapa bayi, Muhammad Nizzam Aminuddin, 34, melahirkan kesal dengan tindakan pengasuh di Taska tersebut yang lewat menghantar anaknya untuk mendapatkan rawatan, selain gagal memaklumkan segera kejadian itu kepadanya.
"Ketika kejadian, saya dan isteri sedang mencari pakaian untuk arwah di sebuah pusat membeli-belah di Subang Jaya. Apa yang saya kesalkan, pihak Taska lewat memaklumkan kejadian itu iaitu kira-kira pukul 11.30 pagi, selepas bayi kami disahkan meninggal dunia oleh pakar perubatan di klinik tersebut.
"Pihak klinik memaklumkan Adelia mungkin dapat diselamatkan sekiranya pihak Taska bertindak cepat dengan menghantarnya ke klinik sejurus melihat perubahan berlaku," katanya ketika dihubungi Mingguan Malaysia di sini hari ini.
Adelia merupakan anak kedua Muhammad Nizzam dan isterinya, Fariza Tukir, 32. Keluarga itu yang menetap di Seksyen 13, Shah Alam baru dua hari menghantar bayi itu ke Taska tersebut.
Bapa mangsa membuat laporan di Balai Polis Seksyen 9, Shah Alam pada hari kejadian, namun pihak Taska juga membuat laporan polis berhubung kejadian itu hari ini.
Ketua Polis Daerah Shah Alam, Asisten Komisioner Zahedi Ayob semasa dihubungi mengklasifikasikan kes itu sebagai mati mengejut.

Was breaks my heart is her father's pleas for those to be responsible for their actions.

His pleas on the Facebook profile of the allerged nursery has been deleted as they have accusted him of FITNAH.

 Please click on the image for better reading

However from testimonial events gathered from both father and mother of the late Adelia on the particular day we can conclude some negligance had occured. Included are the actual fact that parents arrive at the hospital FIRST before the baby. They were at Subang Parade when they got the call. Arwah was at Section 10. She was rushed to DEMC which is in section 14 Shah Alam.

Here are some of the words her mother has penned down :
Ya Allah Bismillah, help me to strengthened my spirits
Adelia's death was totally unexpected heart is crushed
and I can still feel her linger as I remember the night before how restless she was but there were no cries or tears, how she wanted to cling to us, how she refused to be bottle fed a week before that gave me grave concerns about how I will go back to work.

And thus every drop of breastmilk, I bless thee my daughter in heaven as deemed halal for you.

The morning of 16 March, with great confidence to the nursery I submit Adelia to their care

It breaks my heart to leave you behind. It breaks any mother's heart to do so that I decided to buy new clothes for you to wear to replaced the preloved ones you are wearing from your sister.
...They tried everything but to no respond .. Ya Allah .. Adeline has left for heaven.. Innalillahi wailla hiraji'un .. Mummy Redha your farewell from us dear

.. but why .. WHY .. I need answers.

I did not have the heart to have them slice you up for the post-mortem and to wait for the 2 to 3days process...No mother would have the heart to have their bubbly little princess sliced up.
She ends her note with :

For now .. we know you await us in heaven my child. 
My child is now an Angel. Amin

Even my own eyes are tearing up from translating this heart-felt message..

No parents should ever have the need to bury their child, especially if its only 2 months old, due to negligence of another.

As moral support to the late Adelia's family, I have created a pledge badge for my readers which you can place in your blog so that their efforts and pleas for justice will not go in vain. You can find this badge at the right hand top corner of my blog. The badge will bring you to Mamasita's blog on this plight. For more info and updates please read here

It is also a support to urge government bodies to place FULL GEARS AHEAD on creating legislation that: 
  • It is a MUST for Government or Corporate Companies to at least have a proper nursery so that mothers are able to work and have their children at close proximity (this will also give ease for breastfed babies to enjoy breastfeeding up to 2 years old)
  • Enforce bodies that will oversee safety for all nurseries in Malaysia


  1. Thanks Farah..I am choked with tears upon reading your posting here..
    Thank you for supporting our quest to find out what really happened to arwah AdeLia.
    May more future infants get into safer hands at the very many nurseries in the country.
    And her unexpected death indirectly will paved the way for sterner guidelines to be enforced everywhere.
    Thanks again..may God Bless You and your family.

    AlFatihah for arwah AdeLia Bt Fariza.
    p.s. Beautiful words from a grieving mom.

  2. i am truly sad...
    especially when think of my baby who's gonna be left at the nursery starting next week

  3. Ya Allah... simpati nye dgn dorg... sedih gler baca! Lagi tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan baby Qaiser walaupun kat umah MIL kat Serendah! Lagi la berbelah bagi hati ni nak accept job offer tu... :(

  4. ya allah.. mengalir air mata.. semoga allah memberi kekuatan dan rahmat tak terhingga kepada paenr aruah adelia..

  5. Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..Berikan kekuatan kpd ibu n bapa Adelia syg untuk hadapi semua ini...
    Truly sad to hear that..
    N tambah sedeh lagi bile baca ur blog sis. Thanx for sharing...

    p/s : takot nk anta bb ke bb sitter start tgh tahun nih. wuwuwu...

    Alfatihah untuk bidadari syurga Arwah Adelia bt Fariza...

  6. Mamasita : definitely touching words from the grieving mom altho was originally written in Malay but even as I translate it to English, the words she had chosen still radiates the sadness and somber mood that surrounds their lost. Insya Allah, lets pray that her farewell will pave greatness and not of that in vain

    Belle : I am still phobic everytime I think about how nice it would be to return to the workforce again...I will not and will never know if I have the courage to leave my kids...moms who do are much more stronger

    Hanie : Let doa be your guideline dear. Mak akak kata, doa ibulah yang paling mujarab.

    Ms Lemang : Thanks for stopping by. Insya Allah sis...Insya Allah

    Nue : My sentiments exactly. Kita perlu merasai apa yang ibubapa arwah rasai dan berasa hairan mengapa pihak taska tidak dapat merasai apa yg kita semua rasai

  7. I've shared lots of info that I gathered from nursery in Japan in my blog.

    The purpose of sharing it is that the level of nursery in Msia can be upgraded to a better position.

    I hope one day, ad amenteri yg sudi baca entry2 i tu dan ambil pengajaran dari situ

  8. permisson to paste this in my blog faye. TQ

  9. tak tau nak cakap apa... kakyong support u...

  10. salam :)
    Firstly salam kenalan i got to know yr blog from rinie...she blog out about your story i terus click to get the actually story....
    Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..Berikan kekuatan kpd ibu & bapa Adelia untuk hadapi semua ini...
    Truly sad to hear the new what actually happend... till i cant say anything...
    AlFatihah for arwah AdeLia Bt Fariza.

  11. Just a about launching a min of RM1 pledge by symphatisers to raise some funds so that some form of legal redress, strictly allowed by existing laws, could be taken by the aggrieved parents of Arw. Adelia bt Fariza.

  12. hi dear..
    sedihnye baca.. i bloghopp from Rinie's blog, i hope u dont mind i shared this link in my fb.

    i dh lama tak update blog, will add the badge too.

  13. Innalillah

    Truly heartbreaking.

    Just wonder about one thing. The parents said that they arrive first but at the same time said that they been informed late by the taska. How come they arrived first yet they been informed late.

    Pardon my understanding. I am a slow picker.

  14. mummy too

    the received a call from the taska and drove as fast as they can to the scene from Subang Jaya.

    when they received the call I think it was already to late as arwah had already passed away