Monday, March 21, 2011

The One About MCUG and Admitted in PPUM KL in the Morning but Evening Already in Johor

Helu. Yes. Amazing rite?

Amel actually took a bath at 5am in the morning that day. But then it was motherly instinct.

I had already packed everything for the Johor trip the day before not knowing what to expect.

But if your kid undergoes an MCUG scan, then there are a few things or two that you MUST know as heads up.

But thats another posting (too depressing to write so later dude/dudettes)

Anyway, Amel was discharged at 4pm that same day after I pleaded with the counter staff that we had to travel to Johor to attend a very important which later I cursed 360 degrees considering how RUDE she was. PPUM nurses are hokey. Counter Staff - they come from another planet.

The thing about malay kenduri (a malay feast) which is "annoying" in a bad way is that sometimes the "crowd" makes you feel BAD if you dont attend your own family's kenduri.

Its an unconscious responsibility that you must adhere by all cost - although my mader made it crystal clear it was ok for me not to be able to but the very least to "courier" my 2 older kids with my brother first teehee(who ETD was 1000hours on the very same day from my place)

(luv u lots charlie!)

And my SIL Ina did the last minute phone call to school for my dotter Aliya...

 (luv u lots sis Ina!)

And mom made it a point to understand how Amel might not be well enough for the 3 hour drive and it was OK  (she actually said this a gazillion times - teehee - love u lots ma!!)

BUT screw again for people who like to talk - I was there even at the very last minute to perform my duties as a good dotter with all 3 kids (although 2 was already there) and hasben in tow. TEE HEE.

And my hasben, although pointed out that he was sooooo damn tired in the car, had actually helped with the dishes (teehee - love u lots Ayang!)

By now you wud hv guest wat I had meant about "motherly instict" in the above sentence. But dont get me wrong, Amel was the one who didnt get to get a bath in the evening. Luckily I did when we arrived from PPUM for a quick stop over at our house to grab the traveling bags.

I was utterly truly glad I was dressed to the occasion despite pure exhaustion, my "face" was OK in the picas taken by my brother Charlie hehehe

Anyway, it was my nephew Fauzan Rahimi's (1st for me, no nieces yet either) celebration of passing of rites - the aqiqah. Although a lot of us like to refer it as the Cukur Jambul, it has never been documented that Cukur Jambul was one of the passage of rites that a muslim baby would take. The Aqiqah - yes.

Enough being said....lets enjoy the picas :)

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