Sunday, March 20, 2011

The One About The Chosen One - Blankie & Horsie


I am documenting this for A'amelia Maya Izardy

At exactly 21:56Hours today she chose "the chosen one"
It wasn't a bolster thank goodness.
But nevertheless, it was my own big blankie.


So I subsituded. 
Her pink blankie and Horsie - a Russ Berrie Plush Horsie (originally named Derby)

Lets PRAY HARD it stays that way...

Come to think of it it may have been my fault...

To understand the science behind all things BUSYUK read my previous posting here

But anyways....below was Aliya at Age 1 and Syasya at Age 2 (recent obsession)

Bah!! it runs inthe family la hadoi!!

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