Thursday, May 13, 2010

He doesn't care...

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1 shot after of hot lime, I am sitting on my two buns and able to pen this down. Me and my BIG MOUTH ya. So officially I am not Plutonion from the Planet Pluto where the prego moms dont puke!

I puke 3x today. The first EVA! It was curds and curds and rotten onions out and ahoy she goes.

And a light bult in my head ~ Ding ~
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Every pregnancy is different.

Ngeee silly me.

But again, google evening sickness and you will find out that morning sickness has an evil triplet. Yes. There is morning sickness, evening sickness and all around 24 hour sickness.

oooo triplets!

But anyway. Syasya is speaking loaaaaaaaaaads and tonnnnnns of ~ yes you've guessed it BABY BABBLING. But we did get away with "gigi" (teeth) a few times this week, as well as "dah!" (i'm done) at the dinner table and "nooooooo" when I take away or stash away stuff she's not supposed to play with ~ yes pregnancy hormones are making me crazy and mean ~ poor Syasya, although I usually use diplomacy with her but nowadays am not suprised if she throws a fit on the floor and with lungs full force ~ NOOOOOOO!

However "Mama" is now confused with "Mamam" (eating)

And Liya got a new name tag. She's a flying squad in the ANTI DENGGI TEAM at her school but again I was so busy barfing today (or was about to barf) that I didnt take any photos. Later maybe...

DH on the other hand is acting cool. Too cool by my standards. I guess the excitement of a first time has worn off. OK, so we're having a baby ~ whats new?

I dont think he is convinced that I am pregnant just by looking at a peeing stick with 2 lines.

I know he's swamped at work but there's never a "how's your day been today?" or when he comes home and sees me all bundled up and practically jello in the knees and I can hardly hold my head up, to at least ask me "are you ok?" ~ he totally ignores me. TOTALLY.

I dont think he cares if I am eating, sleeping or doing anything to make this baby well and healthy and frankly it is getting on my nerves...

Infact work has become his "baby" at the moment and that I think he cares more about work than my pre-existing condition.

I know its not good feeling all sad and hopeless inside for the baby...but my betterhalf does not seem to have any care in the world at the moment that I am carrying our child.

I'm really upset because I keep thinking he thinks that I am making this all up so I can slack and ditch the housework or taking care of Syasya and stuff (I've only heard him say 1x ~ let me do it, you're pregnant) and have an excuse to ask him to do it instead...but its not like that.

then again maybe...just maybe, pregnancy hormones are making me CRAZY.


  1. Salam farah,
    its me sara from fb ;)
    congrats on your pregnancy...
    selamat berkenalan..

  2. helo sara

    its so nice to meet you
    and so nice of u to open the page :)