Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's just not in me to be...SELFISH

So ok I didnt ask anything on mother's day ~ or more like I told my 10 year old I didnt want anything on mother's day when she asked so ~ hah! padan muke (serves me right)

My mother was here so who is more important? Queen Mom or the Queen's Mother? And its her birthday too (7 May) so go figure. (click "Find Out More" button below to read on)

My brother lives just across town so it is equally important for a mom to be fair to her kids. We packed what we could and headed off to my brother's house in Shah Alam.

Coming back on Sunday, I felt as if I had just finished a 2 days marathon. Its a Double Storey house with very very very high stairs and 20 x 70 with approx 2000sqf built up area.

A house similar to my bro's
(taken from here property2u’s weblog)

Being pregnant and having a husband who has to work on a weekend doesn't help either.

There were times I just gave up, went into the guess bedroom and SLEPT. Cared less about who was taking care of Syasya my going to be 2 year old. "Its mother's day Sunday for freaking out loud. I deserve it as much as anyone else"

22 month old Syasya and Daddy

But its just not in our genetic makeup as a mom to be selfish and not feel guilty now is it? Haih...or maybe its my genetic makeup not to feel selfish at all and always think about myself LAST.

Which reminds me ~ I have to call my mom to see if she's having lunch outside, or have bought us lunch or should I be cooking (when I can just ASSUME she would have bought me lunch to give me a break)

There I go again...

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