Saturday, May 08, 2010

Maybe I am Plutonion from the Planet Pluto where the prego moms dont puke!

I can never understand why there are so many different ways a woman can go through 1st trimester.

I have friends who tell me they are "lembik" (weak) up to a point they have to be hospitalized and placed on a dripped when the only dripped I got was sweat dripping down every inch of my body ~ my thermostate goes up 10 notches when I'm carrying. (click "Find Out More" button below to read on)

I have friends who puke even when they had nothing filling up their stomach. The only time I puked recently was when I woke up one day with 140/90 for my bp and the only thing that came out was foam. I wasn`t even prego.

"Lucky you.." a friend said, slightly on the "greener" tone.

But I'll never know if I'm carrying or not because I have never ever had those tell tale signs. Aren't you gals lucky!

There is only that tingling and soreness at you know where and oh that "I wanna sleep forever and ever" bug that tells me "I've got something in the oven"

There is also "I SWEAR OFF WHITE RICE" syndrome as well that I am beginning to think all my kids are born to have the talent of being internationally adaptable; appetite wise ~ they can survive on beans and toast :) ~ altho that might sound too british :p ~ ok how about, survive on McDonalds! ~ better yet, survive on a diet without RICE :D

But I love satay. I can live off satay for the whole nine months if I am allowed to.

So to be "self-invited" to my FB friend Sha'a house for a post baby shower is a gift sent from heaven. She had hits on FB there will be Satay around.

Oh, did you know that the majority of Malays have post baby showers? We seldom have baby showers before the kids is born! This would mean a small high tea spread with food and drinks and guest coming bearing gifts although its costumary to contribute to the "baby tabung" (kid's fund) rather than just bring gifts although both is equally appreciated :)

(p/s Our kids played so well with each other, I feel so blessed!)

Right! Back to my main topic. This time around baby number 3 seems to be a lot more hungrier that the 2 sisters.

And I am 360 degrees more knackered (tired) that before!

I've also started taking Obimin ~ the ANC at Taman Medan can only be done in 2 weeks time. The nurse said "Vitamin tu kenala beli sendiri" (you have to buy your own prenatal vitamins in the mean time) ~ who said public health was 100% free. Free does not mean EASY thats all I can say.

And here is another thing ~ sorry...OBIMIN dont make me puke as much as the majority of prego moms who do!

Maybe I 'm Plutonion from the Planet Pluto where the prego moms dont puke :D


  1. good for you.

    one of my teachers resigned recently giving me very short notice atas alasan severe morning sickness. That was the 2nd pregnancy. Serik nak ambik dia balik after delivery...

  2. Kak Emy

    I totally understand where you're coming from. When I was working, my Team Leader was very concern upon hearing my pregnancy (during kid #2)

    I worked at a call centre lagi. Mana buleh just log out camtu je!

  3. salam akak :)

    uhuh. lucky u. kekekeke. leen merasa juga muntah hijau pagi2 tu. sangat efek kat tekak sbb rasa dia mcm tak hilang2. euw. then, for the second baby lagilah teruk sickness. tensen gile. muntah tu tak sangat tapi loya ya amattttttt. rasa mcm nak nangis pergi opis sbb leen tak boleh kena ekon. bila kena ekon betambah2 loya..

    obimin la doc kata penyebab saya lemau gile2. sbb doc kata ada org yg tak boleh go obimin masa 1st trimester. buat loya jadi teruk.

    huh. lucky u ok. hehehehe