Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Cure for Cancer BUT They dont want us to KNOW about it

What is it from Gwen Olsen we dont know. 
‎"Gwen Olsen spent fifteen years as a sales representative for the pharmaceutical industry. She admits that drug companies aren’t in the business of finding cures. They’re in the business of symptom management. That’s because if they found a cure for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or mental disorders, they’d be putting themselves out of business. Their goal is to keep you buying their drugs, preferably for life."

From what my kezen pernah cakap :
Actually ramai je pharmacist tau the truth pasal ubat. Tp Malaysia mana Ada high profile punye r&d ntok cure or even symptom mngmnt ntok disease pn. Ubat2 imported je byk. Sbb tu ade fact pasal org luar cipta burger n dlm masa sama cipta ubat ntok heart disease yg dtg dr burger tu.. Bijak kan diorg?

"So she didn't die of a terminal illness—she died of my inability to care for her properly and she died from bad advice. She died because there is a government institution, that disseminates false information, and is not looking out for the welfare of the people. You know, ladies and gentlemen I swore an oath eleven years ago and I think most of us in this room swore it at one time or another to uphold the constitution? It says "life" right in the beginning" - Sergeant Ric Schiff veteran of the San Francisco police department 

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