Friday, July 15, 2011

Never buy GAP online...

...IF they do not provide the actual photo of the item and proof that they are selling the original clothes.


Actually dah kena sekali, sangat sedih hokey. After A'aesyah wore it sekali, terus keluar lobang-lobang bawah leher...APAKAH. Rasa nak sue, nak bako semua ada rasa.

Tapi I ni kan hati baik, I said, if you pay RM20 GET RM20 GAP - sapa suruh tak rajin turun Pavillion :P

...actually it was RM26 with postage - LAGI RASA HANGAT HATI!!!

Tapi yang membuatkan I lagi rasa nak BAKO and lagi rasa menyirap was after reading this posting :

I quote from the blog "Here is one type of fake label, please notice that babyGap fonts is not matched with the original babyGap at all!!. These are the most common label found in sleepwear!"

Ok...TIPAH SUDAH KENA TIPU uhuk uhuk uhuk

Tapi I ni orang civilized sikit, so I kasi can itu "kedai" buat eksplenesyen...

so we wait and see...

never ever buy from the shop which do not provide the actual photo of the item and proof that they are selling the original clothes!!!

make sense right??? bukan banyak modal pun nak amek gambar, takut sangat customer lari, nak duit yang HALAL please put in a bit of effort lah!!

After this, my money is going to The Children's Place, biarlah berkoyan-koyan I borong, janji puas hati!!

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  1. Saye pun..dah penah terbeli fake pyjama gap via dotter pakai sekali je terus kain jadi kembang..kaler luntur..huhu..tipah tertipu..


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