Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The One About Pink Blankie & Pink Bear-Bear

Remember I wrote about how Ame was comfortably clinging to my blankie here ?
(yeah fancy an old hag like me having one :P)

Well it seems that we are still trying to establish the CHOSEN one hehehe

She still somehow prefers my old smelly blankie

We did try the "smelly bolster" trick (Syasya's comfort is a smelly bolster)
but she has not taken a fancy to it...hmmm

"No Mommy. No Bolster Pulezz"

So I gave her, a pink blankie instead to hold


She was definitely very happy with the familiar smell...

but Blankies can be a bit troublesome sometimes...
maybe it would be good to introduce a pink bear as well
though it needed a bit familiarizing...

after much "gomol sana...picit sini...tonyoh situ"
she finally allowed the bear to 
her COMFORT zone

So pink blankie...
pink bear it is then
..for now
he he he


  1. skrg kena wujudkan terms baru la besides bantal busuk.... selimut busuk

  2. Belle : hahaha org melay kita tak biasakan dengar slimut busuk. nak buat camne hehehe