Friday, March 25, 2011

The One About Justice For Arwah Adelia Part 3 (Unconditional Love Goes Beyond The Graves)

Nizzam, Arwah's Father has penned down constantly his feelings. There are times when I can feel a lump in my throat and everything around me. Today he writes :

If it is my Destiny To change how our children are taken care of by strangers, so be it..Then my daughter would be proud of me, from the Heavens above...I just Pray to God to atleast grant me enough tears in my body, so that I may cry at anytime and everytime I miss my daughter AdeLia...Any Father would gladly trade his own life, for a chance to 'spare the life' of his Children. - Muhammad Nizzam Aminuddin
Reader's are now able to catch up updates of this father's journey for justice, convey your personal condolences and your support to Nizzam's at the below community page on Facebook:

On the note of a father's love...we all know how deep it can be :

Conor was born on August 21, 1986 into the loving arms of singer Eric Clapton & his wife Lori Del Santo. When Lori got pregnant and since Eric was English, she felt the baby should be born in England. When the day was there and Lori was brought into labor. Eric rushed to the hospital to visit Lori and being with her at the birth. As it happened, the baby got stuck upside down, so they had to perform a last-minute Cesarean. When the baby finally came, they gave him to Eric to hold. He was spellbound, and he felt so proud, even though he had no idea how to hold a baby.

But however deeply Eric loved this little boy, he had no idea where to begin with him, because Eric was a baby trying to look after a baby. So he just let Lori raise him, which she did brilliantly. She would come and stay with her sister Paola, who also worked for her as her assistant, and occasionally their mother accompanied them, and for a few weeks they would live a very peaceful, family kind of life. Eric used to watch Conor's every move, and because Eric didn't really know much about how to be a father, he played with him in the way a sibling plays, kicking balls around on the terrace for hours and going for walks in the garden. Conor also got to know Erics mother and grandmother, and Roger too. Anyone who came into contact with Conor adored him. He was a little angel, really—a very divine being.

When Conor was four, on the evening of March 19, Eric went to the Galleria, an apartment block on East 57th Street, where they were staying, to pick up Conor and take him to the circus on Long Island. It was the very first time Eric had taken him out on his own, and he was both nervous and excited. It was a great night out. Conor never stopped talking and was particularly excited at seeing the elephants. It made Eric realize for the first time what it meant to have a child and be a father. Eric remembers telling Lori, when Eric took Conor back, that from then on, when Eric had Conor home on visits, Eric wanted to look after him all on his own.

But then the next day (March 20, 1991) four year old Conor, died on impact after a fall from the 53rd-story window of his mother's friend's New York City apartment, landing on the roof of an adjacent four-story building. The main sitting room had windows along one side that went from floor to ceiling, and they could be tilted open for cleaning. On this morning the janitor was cleaning the windows and had temporarily left them open. Conor was racing about the apartment playing a game of hide-and-seek with his nanny, and while Lori was distracted by the janitor's warning her about the danger, he simply ran into the room and straight out the window. He then fell 49 floors before landing on the roof of an adjacent four-story building.

That day Eric was up early because he had to pick up Lori and Conor and take them to the Central Park Zoo. At about 11 a.m. the phone rang, and it was Lori. She was hysterical, screaming that Conor was dead. Eric thought to himself, This is ridiculous. How can he be dead? And he asked her the silliest question: "Are you sure?" And then she told him that he'd fallen out of the window. She was beside herself. Screaming. Eric said, "I'll be right there."

Lori was not about to go down to the mortuary, so Eric had to identify him on his own. Whatever physical damage he had suffered in the fall, by the time Eric saw him they had restored his body to some normality. Eric remembers looking at his beautiful face in repose and thinking, This isn't my son. It looks a bit like him, but he's gone. He went to see him again at the funeral home, to say good-bye and to apologize for not being a better father.

After the funeral, when Lori's family had all gone home and Hurtwood was quiet and it was just Eric alone with his thoughts, He found a letter from Conor that he had written to Eric from Milan, telling Eric how much he missed him and was looking forward to seeing him in New York. He had written, "I love you." Heartbreaking though it was, Eric looked upon it as a positive thing.

Clapton's grief was expressed in the song "Tears in Heaven''.
Written for his son

SONG: Tears in heaven
ARTIS: Eric Clapton

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Justice should prevail for Arwah Adelia Bt Fariza

This is not just Justice for a 2 month old baby. This is to ensure that her passing on will leave a mark and a reminder that our country needs a "MOMMY FRIENDLY LEGISLATION/POLICY" for Daycare Centres across the country to be SAFER and TRUSTWORTHY, please help by adding the pledge badge to your widget on your blog

As a SAHM who used to be a WM, I believe that most Malaysian mothers do not opt out OR are driven by MONEY to send their children to day care centers.

SAHM make the decisions because they are pushed out by workplace inflexibility and WM are forced to leave their children in the TRUST of Day Care Centres AGAIN by workplace inflexibility.

And those "inflexibility" need to be SERIOUSLY discussed or dealt with on a NATIONAL LEVEL
Studies have shown that an organization which values its employees and recognizes the importance of work life balance stands to win in terms of staff morale and commitment (Nadeem & Hendry, 2003; Liddicott, 2003

In order to maintain Malaysia's competitive edge in the global economy, there is an urgent need to reduce its dependence on foreign labour and a "brain drain" culture. Policies which promote re-entry of women who have taken time off for child care and more flexibility at the work place need to be implemented by both public and private sectors in a more serious and systematic manner.
Flexibility in the work place and more FFPs (Family Friendly Policies) will not only benefit the organizations to access the global economy but also enable better work life balance and lead to a greater labour force participation among women in Malaysia.(souce : Family friendly policies in Malaysia: where are we?)

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