Saturday, March 26, 2011

The One About Justice For Arwah Adelia Part 4 (A COLD MONOTONE SORRY)

You guys be the judge. PATUT KE?

Chirbit - Phone Conversation With Child Nursery Nanny;... - nizzampillowdiary - share audio easily

Chirbit - Phone Conversation With Husband of Child... - nizzampillowdiary - share audio easily


Justice should prevail for Arwah Adelia Bt Fariza

This is not just Justice for a 2 month old baby. This is to ensure that her passing on will leave a mark and a reminder that our country needs a "MOMMY FRIENDLY LEGISLATION/POLICY" for Daycare Centres across the country to be SAFER and TRUSTWORTHY, please help by adding the pledge badge to your widget on your blog

As a SAHM who used to be a WM, I believe that most Malaysian mothers do not opt out OR are driven by MONEY to send their children to day care centers.

SAHM make the decisions because they are pushed out by workplace inflexibility and WM are forced to leave their children in the TRUST of Day Care Centres AGAIN by workplace inflexibility.

And those "inflexibility" need to be SERIOUSLY discussed or dealt with on a NATIONAL LEVEL
Studies have shown that an organization which values its employees and recognizes the importance of work life balance stands to win in terms of staff morale and commitment (Nadeem & Hendry, 2003; Liddicott, 2003

In order to maintain Malaysia's competitive edge in the global economy, there is an urgent need to reduce its dependence on foreign labour and a "brain drain" culture. Policies which promote re-entry of women who have taken time off for child care and more flexibility at the work place need to be implemented by both public and private sectors in a more serious and systematic manner.
Flexibility in the work place and more FFPs (Family Friendly Policies) will not only benefit the organizations to access the global economy but also enable better work life balance and lead to a greater labour force participation among women in Malaysia.(souce : Family friendly policies in Malaysia: where are we?)

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  1. heard the phone conversation with hubby owner nursery tu. haihhh.. nk soh mintak maap pun susah ker? bapa arwah adik adelia plak yg kena call tanye bile nk jumpa... kalau tak haremmmmmmm.

    saya pun sama mcm ibu2 bekerja yg di luar sana yg dlm dilemma pasal isu tinggalkan anak dlm jagaan nursey. kenapa gov tanak "paksa" semua offices yg mana staff dia mempunyai staff ibu2 bekerja utk adakan nursery kt office tu. nk bayar nursery tu pandai2 lah diaorg kumpul duit kelab ker or buat peruntukan ker. senang kite nk jenguk anak kite. anytime boleh. time lunch leh spend time sejam dgn anak2. hati pun senang sbb anak ade depan mata.