Sunday, March 27, 2011

The One About Justice For Arwah Adelia Part 5 (Why Am I So Pationate About This Cause)

Friends around have asked me, why am I so passionate about Justice for Adelia.

Because it hits home base for me...

In 2009 after much discussion and due to us shifting (and having to lose a perfectly good baby sitter due to distance) I stopped working and became a SAHM.

Given the opportunity I would LOVE to go back to work. But everytime I do so, I hear YET another baby is received in heaven due to day care negligence.  Its gotta get to you when you that almost EVERY SINGLE DAY; you developed paranoia of sending your children to day care centres.

Malaysia ultimately SLACKS BIG TIME in providing us MOMMIES with what is called "work-life balance"

Close to home, my mother is sad that I have been pushed out by workplace inflexibility. My fears of workplace inflexibility has FORCED me to reconsider how I would HAVE to function as a MOTHER.

It is unfair.

I dream to see that if not for me, but for my daughters to be able to strive at home and their career. I would like that they are able to overcome our country's workplace inflexibility.

If not, then I'll ask them to move to Japan :P

Here is a working mission by the Tokyo Medical and Dental University to provide flexibility to its female researchers. It is already up and running. BRAVO

The TMDU On-Campus Nursery aims to help staff members and students who are managing both parental duties and work/study responsibilitiesachieve “work-life balance”.
Currently, the nursery is scheduled to open after April 2010.

Hisashi Taniguchi, DDS, PhD
Maxillofacial Prosthetics, TMDU

something the MINISTERS should take into consideration a lot as well
This is serious....


Justice should prevail for Arwah Adelia Bt Fariza

This is not just Justice for a 2 month old baby. This is to ensure that her passing on will leave a mark and a reminder that our country needs a "MOMMY FRIENDLY LEGISLATION/POLICY" for Daycare Centres across the country to be SAFER and TRUSTWORTHY, please help by adding the pledge badge to your widget on your blog

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  1. yes. i sincerely think that our government should follow Japan's rule for new mothers. otherwise the government should at least strictly make sure that the nursery and day care is well manage by the owner. they should revoke the licence of the owner who breach the rule.