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The One About Justice For Arwah Adelia Part 6 (What JKM & Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil Office Could Learn a Thing or Two From Japan)

So where do SOME of the early childhood care centres in Malaysia go wrong and why something needs to be done to change the whole scenario?

I took the EFFORT of googling some who were ADVERTISING THEMSELVES on the Internet. These are how Malaysia Day Care Centers market themselves (names have been hidden for privacy reasons):

Example 1

We are raising our child to be a successful vicegerent (khalifah) of Allah, who will help to create a truly Islamic world
We'll treat your child as our own child. Fulfilled their needs with love, joy, pleasure with knowledge and creativity. Our Care Centre is suitable for:

    * Baby Below 2 Years Old
    * Todler 2 - 4 Years Old
    * Kids 4 - 6 Years Old
    * Transit Services

 Registered with Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat

Example 2:
A*-N**E** Centre follows the National Integrated Pre School Curriculum.

 Experienced and Qualified Teachers majoring in Pre School Education
(Professional Diploma In Early Childhood Education - UM)

The centre aims to promote the education of children in its care.
We are dedicated to the care and education of

    * Infants from 2 months
    * Toddlers from 14 months
    * Play group Class 3 to 4 years
    * Kindergarten Age from 4 to 6 years
    * School Age Children (7 to 12 years)

IMPRESSIVE? ...lets compare and see how they should MARKET themselves.

Here is how they do it in other parts of the world

UNITED KINGDOM - Kiddi Karu Chain of Nursery

The Childcare Corporation was founded in 1998 upon wholly ethical foundations to promote quality nursery provision. So far investors have entrusted us with over £25 million, which has enabled us to develop state-of-the-art nurseries, each equipped with first class facilities and supervised by dedicated staff totally committed to quality childcare.
The pursuit of our ethical principles is to be found in every aspect of the childcare we provide. This encompasses the environmentally friendly nurseries we design, the staff we employ, the food we serve and the policies and procedures to which we adhere. Importantly, it also covers our policy of communicating openly with all those who entrust their children into our care – this is our promise to you.

JAPAN - WAKU WAKU Hoikuen at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TDMU)

Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TDMU) opened the WAKU WAKU Hoikuen on April 1, 2010 on the Yushima Campus with the aim of helping university staff members and students who are managing both parental duties and work/study responsibilities to achieve “work-life balance”.

WAKU WAKU Hoikuen is independently contracted and the operation of the facility is managed by Pigeon Hearts Corporation.
A message from Pigeon Hearts Corporation
Pigeon Hearts Corporation is a 100% subsidiary of nursing-care products manufacturer Pigeon Corporation. As a company whose primary business is nursing-care, we are very aware of the importance of our mission and of our brand of "safety and assurance". We undertake the management of our nurseries with a great sense of responsibility. All of our childminders are conscious of just how precious the lives that they are entrusted with, and that their role is to diligently watch over the children in their care and provide them with encouragement. In a mutually supportive partnership with the guardians, their aim is to create a nursery where they can really help nurture and bring up the children.

From the moment a child is born they have a precious power to "grow ". We want to support this with plenty of love in an environment filled with trust and a sense of safety. We cultivate the foundation upon which our children can live life to the full and build a bright and promising future.

Can't spot the difference?

I personally love the way Kiddi Karu promises to every parent & tell the world how they are different  :
Importantly, it also covers our policy of communicating openly with all those who entrust their children into our care – this is our promise to you. (What Makes Us Different)
And for Waku Waku - SPOT ON for this promise:
We undertake the management of our nurseries with a great sense of responsibility. All of our childminders are conscious of just how precious the lives that they are entrusted with, and that their role is to diligently watch over the children in their care and provide them with encouragement.
In fact I owe it to Yatie for whom have opened up my eyes on how SLACKING Malaysia is in the department of Day Care Centers.

Yatie chomeyl said ...

I've shared lots of info That I gathered from nursery in Japan in my blog.
The purpose of sharing it that the level of nursery in Msian can be Upgraded to a better position.
I hope one day, our ministers will be more than willing to read about it and take a few lessons or two from it

(original comment here

And yes dear, I sincerely hope they will read your posting on:

Here is also guidelines which I think are best practiced :

Happy, Safe and Clean

    * Is the nursery bright, warm, clean and welcoming?
    * Is the equipment good quality, clean, safe and appropriate?
    * Is there a safe and clean outside play area?
    * What sort of meals are provided and at what time?
    * Is the food fresh?
    * Can the nursery provide for special diets?
    * Are the menus changed on a regular basis?
    * Do the children in the nursery look happy and well occupied?
    * Are the children using a variety of equipment and are staff involved with their play?
    * Are the staff happy, relaxed, well presented, calm and confident?
    * Ask about the staff to children ratios. They should be:
          o 1:3       0-2 years
          o 1:4       2-3 years
          o 1:8       3-5 years

Sad to say, given no choice, this is what some mothers have to FACE when they send their kids to a day care centre :

Where else in JAPAN, this is what Yatie observes :

All babies (who attend) have their own mattresses + bedding. They will NEVER share with other children at the centre. Parents are responsible to provide mattresses + bedding  for their own children.

This is serious.


Justice should prevail for Arwah Adelia Bt Fariza

This is not just Justice for a 2 month old baby. This is to ensure that her passing on will leave a mark and a reminder that our country needs a "MOMMY FRIENDLY LEGISLATION/POLICY" for Daycare Centres across the country to be SAFER and TRUSTWORTHY, please help by adding the pledge badge to your widget on your blog


  1. After 5 years operating a kindy, I feel confident to start a day care centre with my 2 friends. We equipped our centre with CCTVs, to monitor our staff & children in our care. Separate rooms are provided for babies, girls & boys. Ratio staff-children very small. We help the preschool children in our care with homework. We even teach them to read. Imagine our frustration when Majlis Daerah reject our application to convert our premise from residential to biz purpose (the 1st step to get permit to operate a daycare)just because the land area is a bit smaller. They didnt even consider other features/facilities that more beneficial to the children. I even went to see the Yg Di Pertua; alasan : dah ada dlm law, tak boleh buat apa2. I told him to impose any other conditions but there's nothing we can do with the land area. Its not ez to get a corner lot hse with big land. No suprise byk tadika tak register

  2. ...............................................................................................................
    i dunno what to say here.
    there's too much to say, yet unspoken.but u know what i mean.

  3. Kak Emy

    I pray very hard that JUST and CONSIDERATE pendidik like you will be given the chance to be able to provide for the betterment of our society. I know how passionate you are. Saya respect kak. Sometimes tu la masalah negara kita, yg tak perlu kita fokuskan sangat...haih

    Yeah...I know wat u mean ;)

  4. Faye..can we write a letter to "menteri bertanggungjawab" telling them all this?? And can we do some kind of online petititon? You are going somewhere with all this. I would give my tulang empat kerat to help.

  5. I am already in contact with arwah's father and mom. Trying my level best to get this noticed at a national level.

    Its a sloooow agonizing process and there are a lot of huddles but I told myself, even a little change is good than nothing at all.

    But everyday we see something big starts from something small...

    I masih baby steps on this...but I am allocating a lot of my personal unpaid time on it..just coz I am very passionate about this issue

  6. Wednesday 30 March 2011; 2:15pm
    (Muar, Malaysia)

    From Nizzam,the Father of Arwah

    To my fellow 'child protectors',
    I hope I am welcomed to be within your circle and I promise you that my commitment is fuel-ed by my passion in not letting my daughter die in vain. This is the year 2011, never let anyone tell us that 'we can do anything about it'.
    If necessary, I may be contacted directly at my number +60.12.348.0490. With our without help, every inch forward will rally the support of those with a conscience of a true Malaysian Citizen.

  7. hey.. you are no more in facebook?

  8. ooo I moved la Atau hehehe
    tu kat sebelah profile >>>

  9. salam.. i menangis masa my hubby tunjukkan keratan paper pasal Arwah. My hubby said.. satu lagi..

    We decided to left my son di bawah jagaan my mom di melaka sebab x dapat nursery or nanny yang kitaorg puas ati di shah alam.. until baby dah 6 bulan..masih mencari nursery or nanny yang sesuai for him.

    Anyway..semoga parents arwah bersabar byk2 ye..

  10. stumbled upon your blog thru FB. its a heart wrenching one seeing all these babies "terbiar" kat situ (ur 1st pic) i cant help by seeing this, teringat to my daughter who is lucky enuff been taking care by my MIL, which earlier i have a prob finding a nanny, i have decided to quit job to jaga mydaughter. Maybe i was given a choice, pity to those parents yang takde choice

  11. salam, i alhamdulillah recently started a daycare centre after obtaining masters degree in early childhood last year and at the same time worked in a privatge premium preschool in bandsar for 4 years..the experience has taught me alot on how to care and nurture our children but sad to say the mentality of us malays( so sorry ) is " asalkan ada org jaga dan murah". so basicly, if you guys are trying to do something to help make daycare centres well established, safe and fun for OUR children,count me in 100 percent.. im on fb : U&I CareCentre. i really want our children to be safe..i've got 2 of my own (under 4) and it broke my heart when i HAD TO sent my 1st born to a really awful daycare centre....thats y i opened one in the same viciity now. :)