Monday, January 31, 2011

I Thought The Rain Would Never Stop

One thing about the amount of rain that we get here in Malaysia, sometimes it never stops for more than 24hours.

Even a SAHM needs to look at the weather reports because like I said to my cousin sister, "production doesn't stop come rain or shine or even if it suddenly snows" :P  - this refers to laundry and washing in my house.

We are not that rich yet to afford a Washer/Dryer combo so indoor drying just means a small room where I have place my fridge since the heat from the fridge could dry the clothes overnight somehow
A guy dreams of a car. A SAHM?
This is priced at RM 5949 and yes everyday I dream of this

But we have plans to visit my parent's hometown to see my grandmother. Amel needs to "bercukur" and more than 24 hours of rain is a bit depressing.


Refer to the photo above, that was taken in 2007. Yes water rose that high and mom was soooooo ultimately scared and worried. I would freak out as well if it was me.

But with loads back to back need to find a quick solution for my laundry. I like the idea of self service laundry. You can just use the dryer to dry the clothes right?

or maybe I should open a DOBI like smartwash myself :P

Ada sesiapa nak derma modal tak ? he he he

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