Monday, January 31, 2011


Yes. She's the kind of fashion designer/icon I want my girls to grow up with.
The one that you would instantly approve because its shows that I'm not an orthodox mom who is ketinggalan zaman yet am still upholding strong our muslim values,


Besides I'm sure Hana Tajima will still be around 15 years from now *I HOPE*
coz then my girls would be like 26, 17, 15.
So masing-masing pasti akan experimenting with fashion.

Anyway, I think A'aesyaah looks like a mini version of Hana Tajima in these shots...gotta love her cuteness :))

Hana Tajima-Simpson is part Japanese part British and a designer who became Muslim about four years ago. Her line is up and running and YUNA is the Malaysian fashion icon for this label :) Her personal blog is STYLECOVERED

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