Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hospital Bag untuk Bersalin

I have been spending the whole morning looking at other people's hospital bags. Bukan looking, more like stalking je rasanya LOL

Oh common on Fay...dah anak ketiga pun masih nak tengok sebagai bahan rujukan ke??? :P

Truth is I have this inferiority complex that I have overdone it ~ like so many things I do in life. Packing balik beraya ke Penang macam nak pi Amazon Jungle setahun.

But bags that I have, ada yang terlalu kecik dan ada yang terlalu besar. I see everyone bringing 2 bags, one for baby and one for mommy but seriously, I'ld rather have everything in one. Maybe beg je nampak besar, but isi tak banyak :P

DH pun kata...lebih baik satu bag isi semua.

Lagipun this bag ada roda so DH or me can pull it around kan? Dari dok carry 2 beg lepas tu bahu senget dan sakit belakang.

Maybe its because kali ni bersalin kat gov hospital..well not exactly gov but semi-gov la. STILL...they say semua benda kena pakai sendiri punya. Not like when I gave birth kat Pantai dulu. Everything was given. Baby only needed baju masa nak balik je.

I am also having a quiet moment packing all those needles and empty insulin pens.

These are definately not biodegradable and have to be put dalam tin susu and after sealed permanently and kena letak biohazard sign kat luar dia.

Some companies even have special pouches to store these type of "waste".

The danger of being cut and infected by sharp biohazard waste materials is minimized by using safety pouch

I'm taking as if I have AIDS kan :P

Tapi agak-agak bangla angkat sampah tu gheti baca ke symbol tu :P

These are RM6 ke RM9 each...all empty insulin pens I have used since I was 13 months pregnant (June 2010). Yang kuning is fast action while yang hijau slow action (utk masa kita tido) Amazing kan???

House is quiet this morning. Mainly because DH has taken Syasya out. He's going to buy my needle supply.

Now I'm talking like a drug addict :P

So I've never talked much about how I go through my day as someone having Gestational Diabetes kan? Another entry perhaps..yg ini pun dah rasa sesak nafas baca right? he he he

Ok back to the books...nak jot down what is still missing from my hospital bag

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