Saturday, November 27, 2010

2nd last visit : Pregnant Lady kebosanan lagi

Well it turns out that baby no3 will not be a 2011 baby after all.
Dan hari ini turns out to be 2nd last visit to see Endo and OB at the antenatal clinic kat PPUM.

Our next check up is in 2 weeks time ~ masa tu maybe OB dah bagi siap2 tarikh nak bersalin sebab I will be already 37weeks pun. Tarikh keramat untuk LCCS. They wont allow me to be more than 39 weeks which is Xmas Day.

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So ape perasaan???

Today I was totally crashboombang kepenatan. Long hours menunggu kat Antenatal PPUM taking its toll on my 35 weeks pregnant body yang dah tak larat.

So naturally I slept the whole afternoon sampai my Abah dan Mama bertolak ke rumah my bro di Shah Alam pun I tak sedar. I am still not sync yet dengan household chores and such ~ unpacking from balik kampung raya haji pun belum.

Dont you just hate procrastination tapi nak buek camno ~ badan tak larat DAH, toilet tu kalau boleh bercakap mesti dia kata dia dah muak tengok muka I.

So dalam kebosanan dan ketidak laratan seorang mak buyung, I found a template that works well with Nuffnang Adds. TUKAR LAYOUT LAGI ~ mesti korang kata, hai pembawakan mak buyung sungguh kan?

My generous cousin in law is giving some hand downs from her daughter ~ how sweet. I feel a bit guilty coz she has just recovered form an ectopic pregnancy, the pain is the same macamana pun rupanya ~ its still our child kan? So maybe we might go and pick up the stuff after she feels better. Ye la takkan nak suruh dia deliver kat kiter plak. names??? He he he ~ finally settled on the one I really like. But I keep having a weird feeling tetiba kuar its a BOY :P pernah terjadi tau!!!

ok..later peps.

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