Monday, September 27, 2010


I was so happy masa baca ni semalam (kalau tak silap). Kebetulan my brother and I balik kg dan biasanya my father tak beli paper the STAR tp sebab my SIL ada so, dia belikan. I rasa happy sebab ada tindakan di ambil.

Scratch-and-win firm ordered to refund RM6,000

KLUANG: The Consumer Claims Tribunal here has ordered a “scratch-and-win” company to refund RM6,000 to a furniture company manager as the man did not receive any prize as promised.
Md Zin Nasuha, 52, told the tribunal he was approached by an employee of Starr Healthcare Sdn Bhd while he was shopping with his family at a hypermarket in Batu Pahat on July 27.
The man told Md Zin that he had two scratch-and-win tickets which could bring winnings including a car and a holiday trip but he had to pay for “tax” on the prizes.
“I was reluctant at first but the man was persistent and I eventually relented. I scratched both tickets but only one of them contained a serial number,” he said, adding that the man then offered to follow him to the bank to withdraw the money to pay for the “tax”.
Md Zin said he could only withdraw RM2,000 from his bank account using his ATM but the man insisted that he needed at least RM6,000 to continue to be eligible for the scratch-and-win prizes.
He eventually paid RM6,000, to the company and was told that he won a stove set.
“They neglected to tell me about the smaller prizes included in the scratch-and-win. I felt cheated as I had only won a stove,” he said.
Md Zin said he lodge a police report after the company refused to refund his money.
Consumer Claims Tribunal president Reihana Abd Razak ordered the company to pay RM6,000 to Md Zin.

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  1. in 2007, my sister pun kena...dah lah masa tu kami sume tgh sibuk nak pi majlis terima menantu for me di raub. dia pi carrefour bp nak beli brg..tiba2 dia kata ada org approach dia, dia tau gores & menang, tp dia tak berani nak decline sbb dia sorang2..yg approach tu 1 girl & 2 guys.
    mmg tau dia dh kena tipu dgn brg yg sume form china, and total amount less than 1 dia kena 4k..then lepas majlis sume selesai, kami dh balik KL, dia buat report kat tribunal pengguna.
    dpt lah balik rm3.8k..200 tu kata company tu adalah kos dia dtg tribunal pengguna. kureng betul patut compensate je samapi 40K, baru padan muka.

    smlm kat berita, ada beritahu orang BP ramai terkena gores & menang. malu tau buat berita mcm tu, padahal org x tau, mangsa2 ni sume mcm kena pukau, provoke etc..sepatutnya pihak bertanggungjawab or pihak managemnet carrefour banned this company from rent out the space. sbb yg pi carrefiur pun org kebanyakan mcm kita. kesian orang2 yg terkena esp old folks yang genuinely pergi carrefour nak belanja dapur..tiba2 kena mcm ni.hemmm

  2. Ye la H. My father pun macam kena pukau dan my mother kena provoke banyak kali.

    I already call the Carefour nye Customer Service dan depa dah alert bahagian security. Last my mother kata ada papan tanda BESAR warning pengguna. I marah Carefour I said, kalau apa2 jadi pada my parents nama you all gak BUSYUK


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