Monday, August 02, 2010


Yeah I know...not in another 5 more months right?
But still, helps to prepare.

Actually I accidentally found myself preparing for confinement especially food until recently due to my RLS.

So I googled for a few stuff under Chinese Herbal Medicine (knowingly my own body works better with au naturel) and since I cant take any banana or liver, I found out that Chinese Red Dates, Longans and Ginger Tea might help with the intake of IRON and POTASSIUM.

And true enough, had very good night sleep for a few days now.

There are a few recipes I love to follow and I found out that its good for nausea during the first trimester as well (now why havent I found this out earlier).

The later is a drink for confinement

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

There is also a website dedicated on Chinese Confinement Food database as well, so I'm gonna try my hands on cooking them once I deliver. Here are some I found googling after reading the articles there.

Stir Fried Fish with Ginger and Spring Onions

Ginger and Chicken Stir Fry 

Eh no confinement lady aa? - Unfortunately Aliya will be schooling here so Mom might take Syasya back to her hometown so I can cater for both Aliya and the new baby.

Scary thought...but will survive.


  1. tq 4 sharing. i cant wait to go buy some...
    asyik minum kat kedai je, bukan susah pun nak buat sendiri

  2. Belle,

    NP. I left the dates to steep for a whole night esok pagi manis gile but my blood sugar takde spike pun - good news for me, good news for pergo mommies with sweet tooth as well.


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