Thursday, July 01, 2010

Eeeeh PEE!

That's exactly how Syasya says it - Eeeh PEE! (HAPPY)

My children teaches me that sometimes you just have to have a positive mind towards things...

  • I havent taken up any "job" for a month now (so dah macam pengganggur walaupun freelancing)
  • Someone ask for adverlet quatation but never came back and its the end of June so I'll just cross that out from my "KIV"
  • I still need the strips for next month (RM90) and 3 specialist appointments coming up (the eye specialist, the gynae and the scan)

But I think we're gonna be ok...coz Allah SWT will always be with us. Amin.

p/s Still in the mids of doing the laundry so I akan sambung episode kt Hospital later dudes...


  1. hmmm....i pulak defisit jek ni...sabar2. Outflow $$ byk...In tadak...tsk tsk

  2. MommyCT:
    uhuk uhuk...thats life la my fren :(

  3. sabar jer la farah. nk buat guano kan. kalau ade family history lagi la payah nk elak. i just pray the bst for u semoga selamat melahirkan. insyallah. amin.

  4. Awww... akak! u've added me in your blogroll! I take that you're ready to accept us back into your life?

    So many things to catch up... kan?