Monday, May 03, 2010

Syasyalocks and her 4 bears

We have a new member of the royal servant to do Syasya's biding i.e play pretend.

4 bears and counting.

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She has tiny bearversations with them and her voice goes one octave higher than usual when she does their voice (cute but scary as well)

I am usually lazy to bend over to pick them up so I device a cleaver way by taking the noozle off my hover (vacuum cleaner) and suck them, and then proceeding with unsuck them with my hands and placing them in the toy bin.

Little did I know that my actions caused Syasya to turn to a frantic mode one day when she saw me carrying the hover upstairs. She quickly picked up all 3 of them and hugged then tight, ran to the farthest corner of the room and closed their eyes when I turn the hover on. WTH?

DH said serves me right for being cruel.

And I was totally caught off guard last week when we took her to Carefour and let her pick her own toy. I gave her a magnetic board in which she looked at with not a single interest. Instead, she picked out the same BEAR we saw 2 weeks before.

As usual I do not know their names. Syasya does. She called it Ayie in the beginning but noticed that we could get confused. Ayie is what she called her comfort bolster.

Then she said BABY.

I just hope she doesnt think her future baby sister/brother talks bear!

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  1. huishhh scary.. tht reminds me of one movie... beautiful minds.. if im not mistaken..its about imaginary friends