Thursday, April 29, 2010

When is a good time ever a good time?

The thought of having a new edition has lingered on for quite some time. In addition to being 35 ~ 2 is still a small number to me. Motherhood seems second nature. I quit a good job JUST to be a MOM. It takes passion. Dedication. I wear my war scars and badge proudly.

It's also like seeing the BBD on your favourite food or snack. BBD ~ best before date.

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Best before say...28 April 2010. That was only yesterday. Its your favourite. You know that one bite can send fireworks in your head. But do you attempt the unknown just because ~ alah!@ only one day what?

Urgh...I hate that.

I guess that's why I've been delaying the HPT. What happens if I get a BFN than BFP.

Should I be crushed at the fact that it was a false alarm?

"Are you sure you're not going to be SO DEVASTATED that its a BFN?" says DH.

"Nope!" ~ yeah rite.

ooo come one. Its the 3rd time already. You cant be more prepared!

That's the thing. You can never be prepared. Not even the least bit when it comes to having kids.

Kids are human beings with different personality. Each one will be born with so much love to offer and receive but stash and hidden somewhere is a box that would make Pandora feel so insignificant.

So when is a good time ever a good time?

Syasya's ~ my Boxing Day baby

p/s Liya, if you a reading this 15 years from now, dont tease you kid sister about her just being a tiny spect on a pee stick eh!

*HPT - Home Pregnancy Test. BFN - Big Fat Negative. BFP - Big Fat Positive

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