Monday, April 19, 2010

Maybe GOD conjoured up my mind with this memory to comfort me

You can choose your friends but you cant choose your family. With that being said, haih...
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So maybe I made a hideous comment on this someone's wall. But I dont think it was as ugly as what this someone wrote on my wall a couple of weeks back on an accident video ~ I had to take the video down in respect to the decessed family, so the comment was no longer there...

Using effing words to effing my FB friend (even if MY friend was being SILLY, this person had no right to use effing words!)

So I said, "sorry I had to delete your post out of RESPECT to my friend" ~ full stop.

I even appologized...when clearly I shouldnt write (I mean family no family, shouldn't be effing your friends for no apparent reason!)

And now 2 weeks later he is slaughtering me indirectly becoz of something I wrote on his wall.

And when someone BACKS him up, he continously blows his horn harder and louder.

OK. People get your point. You win. Satisfied?

No. Someone like him will never be satisfied.

~ Maybe GOD conjoured up my mind with this memory to comfort me coz

I'm the one who's been accused of being SELFISH and EGOISTIC.

Good heavens.


  1. farah, is this the same story u told me the other day?

  2. Ya..same same. But closed book already la. Air dicincang takkan putus. Time will heal la kut..