Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Housewife Tip - Save Time & Energy on Ironing

Today I am sharing a really good tip on how to cut your ironing time by half.
This tip is also good if you aspire to be Bree Hodge on Desperate Housewives :P
(DH always say I selalu membebel like her)

DH has a set of soft Indian Cotton Work Shirts (Birthday Prezzie from my Mom) that just gets on my nerves every time I iron it.

It looks pretty easy but you need a lot of effort to straighten the wrinkles thus this takes time.

Even with my brother's jumbo iron, it still needs a little bit more help.

The steam iron we have doesn't help either...only good for my silk.

Still has wrinkles eventhough I've ironed it.

So I usually use Kiwi Kleen fabric Starch (Retail Price RM7.50).

Its pretty simple and easy to use as you can see from the vid below.

Fast right? Please excuse the voice at the back...tu DH entertaining Sya and I stop in the middle to adjust the camera.

How to use:
Spray at 45degree angle about half a meter from cloth.

The result?

Slick and clean and smells yummy!

And all this in 40 minutes.

Kiwi Kleen fabric Starch also comes in Natural Scent.

Hey am not they only one who thinks that this is really helpful.
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  1. Tq Farah,

    Thot i je ade masalah mencabar kelembutan dan keikhlasan seorang isteri cenggini. Mana tak, I need to reiron the shirt every morning when he decides to wear one (apa tah pelesit yg sampuk suka sangat material ni)although my maid dah gosok dulu.

    Naik hijau je aku pepagi dikejutkan dari beauty sleep kan, dah la tak brapa beauty sgt compom la lagi buruk.

    A few times I hid those baju kat celah2 baju I biar dia pakai baju lain...seksa.

    Ptg ni pi cari kiwi yg magic itu

  2. DR : OOO sama-sama. Masalah sejagat rupenya hik hik hik. Make sure you ajar your maid bagi dia faham betul2 tau macamana nak pakai ni. Karang dia buat body spray plak LOL...jgn marah eh Rose...gurau je :)

  3. hi!salam singgah.
    thanks for the tip.harus pi cari kiwi kleen fabric itew!
    sesungguhnya ironing adalah masalah yang paling besar dlm hidupku ini.

  4. Hi zarin

    Thanks for dropping by. I'll link your blog to mine ok :)

  5. so far kak emy guna kiwi kleen easy ironing, warna pink tu. Ok gak, but I'll buy this in my next purchase