Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Housewife Tip #2 - How to Iron a Shirt

Yesterday I introduced a product that helps to lessen the ironing job in half of the time that you usually do it.

So today I might as well share with you how I iron my husband's long sleeve shirts.

However, before we start, make sure that you have a clean workspace such as a laundry room to do your ironing. A clean workspace i.e a clean floor helps.

Please ensure as well that you read the label on the shirts to ensure proper temperature adjustment. If the shirts have different temperature settings, start from the coolest FIRST.

This is the work order of how to iron the shirt.

1.Start with the collar. Iron the outside of the collar first, then proceed to the inside (the one with the label)

2.The shoulder yokes

3.The cuffs and then sleeves

4.The front (I usually start with the ones with the button holes)

5. Proceed to the back

6. The front again (the part with the buttons)

Let the shirt cool off first before wearing them. This helps to "set" the ironing in and wont crease so easily (just like baking, to let it cool on the rack before cutting).

Happy trying!


  1. QM smpi skrg saya tak lulus mengironkan baju hubby..hubby navy so apapun dia buat sendiri sbb nak iron kena ikut side yang betul..tapi eloknya..sbb tak payah la daku bersusah payah mengiron baju yang putih bersih tu..maklumla tangan berpeluh..kotor sikit sure kena marah..hahaha

  2. i read one artcile about this in a paper. So, yes kak emy iron ikut style ni. Alhamdulillah...

  3. untung shahadah.

    last time masa kat audit firm ade imej consultant came and gv us some tips in ironing clothes. i still remember dia ajar:-
    1) baju belakang dulu
    2) baju depan kanan dan kiri
    3) lengan tgn kanan dan kiri front and back
    4) last skali baru kolar
    and i used to do that since then.

    tp yang kiwi kleen tu i baru tau. ehehe.. im gonna buy soon. senang nk gosok baju yg kedut 1000.

    thanks for the info.

  4. aduh nasib baik pak usop pegi keja pakai baju ikut suka..seriously, selama i kawin dgn dia, hanya i iron baju melayu dia setahun sekali!!

  5. Sha : ooo navy...putih berseri kan?

    kak emy : good for you :)

    rose : yup betul tu. sharing is caring

    lyana : tahun ni gosok 3 pasang la kan??? odin & emil skali?