Saturday, June 13, 2009

What??? Raya lagi????

It dawn on me recently after reading sue's post that the dreaded planning for Eidul Fitri has come knocking on my door. Its a huge fiasco full of unwanted scenarios.

Like my hot blistering friend wrote, with killer weather we are going to have from now to August and possibility that it might drag to September (Eid is on either 20th or 21st) the task of picking what outfit to wear is a huge big fat DRAG. This year I have 2 girls. Syasya is already steadily standing...of course everyone wants to see her in her cute baju kurung outfit. Liya jangan cakap...that girl is growing taller by the day and smaller by the hour. I blame myself for wanting to go on a diet when I was pregnant with her (I thought I was fat! mana tau I pregnant...)

Since small I memang only wear baju kurung on the first day of raya. Dah nama pun kurung kan, so if its hot and humid, I detest the idea of wearing it - polyester is public enemy no 1 for me

So maybe this is the year of the cotton. Finding cotton is easy but the prints sold are totaly HIDEOUS you know!

I met some Japanese cotton for RM20 per meter at this kiosk near Carefour....lembut, cantik. There were also some nice ones in Nagoya for RM7 per meter (the white with rose prints tinggal 1 meter je masa I nak beli so mana cukup for myself!)

But I've bought 2 sets of Korean silk in pink prints...ya pink lagi, takkan DH nak pakai pink pulak so I am going to forgo the idea of "sedondon" thingy coz its 2009 people we need to move on.

Ini baru bab baju...blum curtain, kuih raya, duit raya, balik beraya, "eh you nampak kurus SIKIT.." statement (sikit to me is like perli je OCAY)

DH hates the whole fiasco (I dont blame him...budak2 kat Penang datang rumah bagi salam then cakap "Nak beraya" - his uncle wud straight away bagi duit dan budak2 tu blah tanpa makan kuih ke apa...kat Johor kena paksa ni masuk makan kuih dulu duduk sembang2 ha ha ha)

...if only Amy Butler bukak satu gudang here kan senang.

I am drooling on CAP4 SUNSET in the Midwest Modern 2 mom kata, the design so retro. There is this vintage baju kurung my mother handmade, prints dia memang ala-ala Amy Butler. Someone please send me a time machine...

go here if you want to drool with me..besides I think Amy Butler is one cool lady.


  1. hahhaha kejap je kan..dh 1/2 year..dh nk raya...

  2. owh owhhhh...I'm drooling already!!
    *lap air liur*

    Now I can't concentrate..I blame you Faye!! LOL

  3. enyusnizar : nice of you to drop by..tu daughter is going to be 1 y.o in 2 months time..where did time go???

    undomesticwifey : dont say i didnt say so! wanna tissue??? LOL