Monday, June 15, 2009

Diana I am in Love or am I not?

I know...
I've been busy - read : purak-purak busy (kekekekeke)

School holidays as you know, both kids are at home 24-7...hmm make that 24-14 so mommy is constantly bombarded with lots and lots of issue.

Liya has tons of homework as usual (being an x teacher, I wonder how other teachers can give so much homework, when will they have time to mark 20 pages times by 30???? = 600pages make sense ke???? tu baru satu kelas tu...)
and Syasya...well syasya is syasya...she bullied her sister to a new level - face eating level.
It was only when Liya started to scream in pain that I notice my 2nd born has her upper front teeth coming out.
....and we have board books missing corners! aiyo...

Kakak Biter

So anyway...I have found a new fetish - the Diana.

and I am IN LOVE.

No. Not princess Diana, but the Lomo Diana Camera.

Most people call this a toycam. Made by the Great Wall Plastic Factory in Hong Kong in the 1960s and of really cheap plastic, memang at that time people thought of it as junk. However, But to no surprise and to people who love RAW art like me, the crummy little camera’s flaws ended up producing some really dreamy imagery.

And not to the surprise of this, masters in lomography has started to revamp the Lomo Diana and "added a couple of tweaks to the original, including a 4 F-stop settings and removable lens for pinhole shots, but otherwise the cameras look remarkably unchanged."

Lomography at its best have 10 basic principles to guide and disarm you of all the formalities and complications that you know about photography.

1.Take your camera everywhere you go.
2.Use it any time – day and night.
3.Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it.
4.Try the shot from the hip.
5.Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible.
6.Don’t think. (William Firebrace)
7.Be fast.
8.You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film.
9.Afterwards either.
10.Don’t worry about any rules.

Here are some of my favourites :


So this the price I pay for art. A cheaper one. One that makes me look at my digital DSLR and say screw the dials and its formality.

I see art as how I SEE ART. But I see the Lomo Diana Camera and I see 300 henget which I wud rather use for something else.

But before you think I'm gonna chuck my RM2000++ DSLR into the bin for a RM300 camera...that would be CRAZY!. Instead, I've combined 10 basic principles and some Photoshop editing to get that Lomo high I needed.

So, setelah berclick-click dan bergelen-gelen jpeg ku ambil, akhirnya the world through my eyes have been defined. I call it - Lomoesqued in other words faux lomo.

Biasanya...dalam sesuatu sub culture mesti ada yang DIVIENT he he he

So what is Lomoesqued?

I hate being square. “Don’t Think, Just Shoot”
I have a DSLR but I love taking blurry photos - Photoshop is my very best friend.
I am 70s flower child stuck in 21st century
I am high on saturation - and I dont mean fat LOL

this is still in construction so be sure to check often to see my latest work - Lomoesqued

this is one of my recent fauxlomo works:

But I still work in mono, mana boleh tinggal my favourite ni.


"Breakfast at Faye's"

My SIL asked me one day if it was better now I had my DSLR and I have had friends who have asked me if they should buy one.

My thoughts on people yang nak beli DSLR kerana it takes great artist doesnt always need a brush to paint ;)

hop over to malaysia's famous blogger kenny sia, he's write up on this adv is not only informative, but funny as'll get a good laugh along the way.

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