Monday, June 15, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Red Contest

There are those who celebrate christmas in June.

Then...there are also those who think June is for the Cutest Baby in RED. DONG DONG CHENG!!! (do you hear the Chinese New Year Drums and Symbols now??)

That's what the folks at MomBloggerPlanet have in plan. Cutest Baby in Red contest starts from 1st to 15th June 09. is the last day but there is still time folks to try your luck.

- find a photo of your baby in RED - outfit or prop, but not literally in red (my daughter goes red when she wants to make a dodo in her that doesnt count LOL)

- You need to write a post on the contest and give it the title MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Red Contest

- Photos of course must be included in the post and mention his or her name and date of birth

- Tells us why your baby should be “Cutest Baby in Red

- Link back to the contest page and the sponsors (below) in the posting.

- Leave a link at the contest page...make sense right?

Left those digital at home and you're at the office or no time to conjure up a great posting to win?

Not to worry. The Cutest Baby Photo Contest will be done monthly starting from the 9 June 2009 and each month will feature a certain "EXCITING" theme.

Winners of each month will then be rounded up and "automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest (will be held on January 2010 with more great prizes)"

Of course what is a contest without its goodies. Sponsors for the Cutest Baby in RED include :

For rules and regulations, visit the Cutest Baby in Red contest page.

So, do I think A'aesyah got what it takes to be "Cutest Baby in RED"?

He he he...I leave that to the judges.

A'aesyah Marissa Binti Izardy
20 August 2008

While the colour red often evokes negativity associated with aggression, violence and danger, for me the RED in A'aesyah is courage, energy, passion, and of course love.

Being Chinese in part on my grandmother's side, RED carries a positive connotation associated with courage, loyalty, honor, success, fortune, fertility and happiness

That is what A'aesyah means to us - our fortune, fertility and happiness.

After a long wait of 9 years after our first child, I found myself unexpectedly pregnant again. She was my symbol of fertility, that there was nothing wrong with me as some would say since I had only had one child then.

I had just started a new job and was in training. A new job that paid very well and was permanent. 5 months during the pregnancy, my husband landed a job that allowed me to prepare to become a Stay at Home Mother. That is why she is our fortune.

A'aesyah arrived on the 20 August 2008 after a long labour which ended in a c-section. A'aesyah arrived fragile with exhaustion, gasping for air and rushed to the NICU as she was diagnosed with pneumonia

And if not for COURAGE A'aesyah would not have gone home, by the forth day, she had a clean bill of health and was ready to be greeted by loved ones.

For good luck, I bought a red car seat to bring her home.

She has continuously showed her passion to strive, always brave in achieving her milestones.

At 7 months and a half, she can stand

And she loves books...

Just like the those positive connotations, her energy personifies in everything that is about her.

"Well what do you know...I can see behind my head!"

"Ma...adjust lens tu ke tepi sikit...I look better that way"

"Ma...I will make this horse disappear!"

"Ma...dont kacau magic trip tak jadi already!"

Born a Leo...she is the RED Chinese New Year LION in my life - a mental picture of what joy, happiness and love she had filled into our hearts.

So here is the best of A'aesyah in Red


  1. do you need a vote or something?
    all my votes (kalau kira jari ade 20 undi semua heheh ) surely goes to this auspicious cute girl in red!!

  2. adorable.. im red crazy too..

  3. huhuhu going to find red dress for my baby bunnies too just for the contest..heheh
    nk wat mcm maner kite tkder baby cute mcm akak... hehhehe

    so cute la your daughterrr..cubit pipi sket..

  4. kalau i judge..surely will vote for ur lil'miss red here..
    super cue!!

  5. undomesticwifey :
    so honoured to have your vote dear!
    but its a contest judges that will determine...

    rOse :
    red is bold! he he he

    enyusnizar :
    cubit banyak pun tak apa...he he he